Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Milsig News - October 2010

Some interesting information posted by a Milsig staffer over on the Milsig forums:

"1.)  Q:  Where's the box mag?

A:  There is still a high capacity magazine in the works, and we're going to release it in early 2011.  We're in final prototyping and testing phase, and we will have it ready to go on sale by Spring.  More details will come out near the launch of this product.

2.)  Q:  Is MILSIG going into the airsoft market?

A:  MILSIG Canada, and MILSIG Europe and its subsidiaries will be starting to offer some airsoft products.  This is purely in a retail / wholesale capacities, and MILSIG has no plans (yet) to get into the airsoft manufacturing business.  The reason for this move is two folds; one is that there's an overlap of players that participate or have interests in both hobbies.  The second reason is that many accessories for the MILSIM market and the airsoft market overlap (ie sights, rails, etc)  By venturing out into the airsoft market, we're able to reach a greater audience, and we feel that this move will help expand the MILSIM market overall.

3.)  Q:  Are there new MILSIG markers coming down the pipeline?

A:  MILSIG is 100% dedicated in the ever continuing process of innovating and manufacturing of better marker platforms and accessories.  We can confirm that we're working on some future products, but no details and deadlines will be released yet.

4.)  Q:  We're seeing a departure from the hardcore MSG products into more regular lifestyle products, are we seeing another change?

A:  The MSG brand is a brand of gear that we've specially developed for the MILSIM market, and the MILSIM lifestyle.  We realize that we can't play MILSM Paintball or airsoft 24 hrs of the day, and we feel that there's a market for good quality gear that is suited for everyday use.  We will continue to develop newer and better tactical / MILSIM gear, but we'll also be expanding the lifestyle line.

5.)  Q:  Are we going to see more involvement from MILSIG in various MILSIM PB Events?

A:  Absolutely, MILSIG and its sponsored teams will be attending various events all over the world, and more MILSIG teams will be formed over the next year.  We're committed to supporting and promoting MILSIM paintball community."

We had heard previously that we would see the Milsig Box Mag this year, hopefully the spring release date remains firm. RAP4 is currently starting to ship out their box magazines (although I have yet to hear from anyone who has received theirs), and it would be nice to see some competition on the market.

In other Milsig related news as originally reported by Modern Intel, Milsig will finally be releasing AK accessories for their K-Series marker. Click here to read the article on ModernIntel.ca .

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