Thursday, February 18, 2021

I Know Literally Nothing About Bill C-21


Sup folks. 

Maybe it's a product of thousands of people a year still visiting my Canadian Paintball Laws post, or people thinking I'm still abreast of the ins and outs of what the real deal is in the Canadian magfed/milsim paintball scene, but either way I'm getting a bunch of requests about Bill C-21.

I have no idea.

In fact, I've added another disclaimer to that Canadian Paintball Laws post I just mentioned, as with the very small amount of reading I've just done on Bill C-21 it definitely looks problematic for paintball and airsoft. I have no clue how it will shake out.

Didn't think this would be the first post I'd make in 4 years, but I definitely don't want anyone to get the impression from this page/site that I have any clue or advice to give with the current situation.

If I were to give one general piece of advice, it's to get some better advocates for getting paintballers voices' heard on Bill C-21. The videos and posts I've seen online so far do a disservice to the image of paintballers and how they fit into this new potential law. Put down your BDUs, tables of guns and rambling paper rustling and talk a friend that understands the legal landscape.

Also if it all goes belly up make sure markers get included in the buyback program so I can clear out my basement of horded crap I don't use anymore and invest in meme stocks. 

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