Friday, February 26, 2010

Tiberius Arms in 2010

Eric Bratten was kind enough to answer a few questions about Tiberius Arms in 2010.
What was Tiberius' experience at Paintball Extravaganza?
The PBE in Atlanta was a good show for us, while traffic count was low we received great response and a lot of orders. We are excited about the PBE holding the next event on the west coast as we are think alternating the location of the event will help exposure and attendance.
With the release of the T8.1, will we be seeing a T9.1 hit the market in the future?
We do have a T9.1 model coming soon. We expect to release more details about these in the coming weeks.
How do you feel about recreational paintballers purchasing Veritas SA-8s due to some websites offering launchers as cheap as $99? (For more information, check out this post)
As you may have followed on the MCB forum the Pepperball SA-8 ordeal has been a challenge. We are 100% against anyone trying to use these for paintball. Many players don't understand that the seemingly small differences between less lethal launchers and paintball markers are very significant when it comes to safety and the proper direction for the sport. The $99 price is obviously a gimmick, Pepperball is choosing to sell these at a loss for their own reasons but unfortunately we have no part or input in that decision. We have taken extraordinary steps to try and help those how purchased one of these and now regret that decision but with some additional effort from Pepperball the situation could have been avoided.
A big complaint about the T4 has been the size of the magazines, and many owners have been chopping them down to smaller sizes as soon as they purchase the marker. Is there a shorter mag in the works?
We are very excited to say that we have 10 round mags for the T4 nearly complete...should be on sale by Monday.
What are some of the challenges Tiberius Arms encountered in the year 2009?
The 2009 market was difficult for the paintball industry must like most other industries...the economy while recovering is still down. Fortunately we have always continued to make strides to improve our offering so 2009 treated us very well. The release of the new T8.1 that offers a lot more features/performance for a much lower price has been a huge hit.
What is Tiberius Arms most excited about for the year 2010?
We are excited about 2010 with the release of the new T9.1 series rifles and continued growth and success of the First Strike projectiles we expect to have a great year.
Any teasers as to what we can expect from Tiberius in the future?
Extra tidbit. Due to the popularity of the First Strike projectiles we will be releasing some bulk packs in the coming days that makes them much more affordable.

So, great news, the T4 will have shorter mags released much sooner than expected, and we will see a whole series of T9.1 rifles! I congratulate Eric on how well he has handled the SA-8 situation, Tiberius Arms has gone above and beyond in its attempt to rectify the situation. With the First Strike rounds soon to be released in bulk packs, you may be seeing more of these guys at the local field.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tiger Tactical Cadpat Tactical Vest

It took me quite a while to find someone who makes Molle vests (not puny platforms) in Cadpat. But lo and behold, Tiger Tactical. The product you see above is made from genuine Cadpat Cordura with milspec webbing. It is fully adjustable, with belt loops, a hydration pouch, inside zipper pockets and a rear pull harness. 

Tiger Tactical products are made to order, and they will do any custom work that is reasonable (for the right fee). What makes them even more appealing is their extensive list of camouflage options for every one of their products.

I'll provide another update once I get out and play with it, but for now I'm very happy with the product.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

RAP4 T68 Barrett Sniper Marker

Yesterday, RAP4 announced their new RAP4 T68 50 Caliber Sniper Marker (shoots .68 caliber paintballs). Here's a short video detailing the marker:

I like the overall look of the marker and really like the cocking action, but  find the mag system a bit odd. While it makes sense to use the standard T68/Milsig magazines, the 18 round mags stick out the bottom of the aesthetic magazine. Another plus is the ability to fit a 13/3000 tank right in the stock, as it would suck to have a remote line attached to this monster when you lug it around the field.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


S-Thunder is a new Hong Kong based company, focusing on replica/milsim paintball/airsoft markers and accessories. Some companies (unmentioned, but my guess would be RAP4, Umarex etcetera) have already purchased S-Thunder merchandise and sell it under their own branding, but soon all members of the public will be able to purchase S-Thunder merchandise.

Some interesting items mentioned include a rechargeable CO2 cylinder (with the same fill mechanism as airsoft grenades or the Goblin Solo shells) that could bridge the gap between in-stock HPA (refillable but bulky) and in-stock CO2 (non-refillable but small enough to use regular stocks), a sniper rifle marker, and get this... a double barrel shotgun marker.

A slightly warped view of the rechargeable CO2 cylinder:
Below are a few of their initial demo videos for their new products:

Urgent Warning

For those of you who have recently purchased Veritas SA-8s for recreational use:

It has come to our attention that Pepperball Technologies has released for sale to the public the SA-8 pistol which our company, Tiberius Arms manufactured for them based on their specifications. In the interest of public safety and customer satisfaction we felt it important to provide the general public with additional information about this product. First, it is important to understand that this product was never intended for any recreational activity and was not designed to fire .68 paintballs. This product was produced and sold only for use as a less than lethal weapon. It is also important to note that while this weapon appears similar to our Tiberius 8 (aka. T8, Tac 8, Tag 8) paintball pistol, internally there are numerous differences which makes their use in painball dangerous. After receiving and closely analyzing the SA-8, many of those who have purchased them have noticed that many parts are different. Many of the SA-8’s were built with a non-adjustable regulator and all were built with a fixed pressure relief valve. This means the SA-8 is missing key safety components designed for the sport of paintball. We realize that paintball player’s who purchased an SA-8 didn’t realize that what they were purchasing wasn’t suitable for paintball. Safety is of primary importance in the sport of paintball and manufacturer’s, distributor’s and player’s all have a responsibility to insure the equipment they are selling and/or using functions in a safe manner. Player’s attempting to refinish or rework an SA-8 for use in the sport of paintball are putting themselves and other player’s at risk. Tiberius Arms wants to do our part to ensure that these products are not used in the sport of paintball. Accordingly we will be working with field owners so they can recognize Tiberius manufactured less lethal products that are not suitable for use in the sport of paintball. In addition we would like to offer all of those who purchased an SA-8 Bundle with the intention of using it for paintball the opportunity to return said kit to us in exchange for a $100 Tiberius Arms gift certificate. Those with questions should contact Eric Bratten with Tiberius Arms at
Best regards,
Eric Bratten
VP Sales & Marketing
Tiberius Arms
260.478.2500 ext. 235
260.572.2210 fax
Tiberius Arms

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Milsig Solid Gear First Release

Very quick post today... Following Paintball Extravaganza, Milsig has finally released the first product in their Milsig Solid Gear line. Their new Rhodesian Reconnaissance Vest (RRV) comes in Ranger Green, UCP and Multicam, and has a host of cool features. 

If you're looking for durability, these are probably a good bet, as the vests are triple stitched with Kevlar thread. 

Ugly Milsim Markers

Attaining an adequate milsim aesthetic is not the hardest thing in the world. You take a run of the mill paintball marker and slap an AR-15ish mag, stock and handguard on it, and you'll get a passable milsim marker. However, there are several companies who have recently released "milsim" markers that are, in a word, embarrassing.

Case 1: The Inspire BFG

I have no problem with speedball markers inside a milsim shell, but this is just a bizarre creation. The grip/trigger assembly doesn't look like it would be at home in a milsim or speedball marker, the magazine is dinky and the centre feed ruins the rail system.

The real kicker is that if you decide to trash your BFG, good luck breaking it:

Case 2: The Kingman Stormer

The Stormer's magazine outdoes even the BFG, mimicking the look of an AR-15, with the size of an MP5 mag. What cracks me up is how the flash hider on the barrel has an orange strip, when not only is it not legally necessary, but I doubt anyone would mistake this for a real firearm. On a side note, this is one of Kingman's new .50 cal paintball markers.

Case 3: Tiberius T4

The T4 marker itself is, in my opinion, gorgeous. However, as soon as you put the magazine in the magwell, all of that beauty is thrown out the window. Hopefully Tiberius will be rectifying this problem in the near future.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

LaRue Tactical Weapon Profiler

While not as powerful as Pimp My Gun, the LaRue Tactical Weapon Profiler allows you to mix and match accessories on an AR platform. It provides a prettier product when compared to Pimp My Gun, as it uses more detailed models, and if you're able to you can purchase your creation (much alike the X-7 Phenom marker builder).

Here's an example of something I quickly drafted up:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Remington M-4 and ACR in A-TACS

Remington M-4 in A-TACS

Remington Bushmaster ACR in A-TACS Version 1

Remington Bushmaster ACR in A-TACS Version 2

All images courtesy of Digital Concealment systems. 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Milsig in 2010

Nelson Lau, of Milsig, was kind enough to answers a few questions about Milsig in 2010.
With RAP4 releasing their box mag this year, is Milsig going to be following suit?
There will be a MILSIG box mag, and it will be released some time this year. If RAP4 beats our release date, so be it. I've never considered RAP4 to be a manufacturer or an actual competitor, they don't really make anything, they only copy. If they actually come up with their "own" box mag, it'd be a paradigm shift for them, and I congratulate them.
Will 2010's primary focus be on the new MSG line?
MSG is a product line I've planned for over a year, and we'll be slowly rolling out more products on the line.
Will we see an expansion of the M-Series of markers, or will the Paradigm forever be the exclusive M-Series?
There will be more M-Series markers, that's all I can tell you.
Will Milsig be hosting/sponsoring any events this year?
We'll continue running our limited paint ILAPS events in Vancouver, and we're looking for other fields/clubs/teams to use the same format. We'll also be launching IPMC (International Paintball Marksmanship Competition) in April.
Will Milsig be looking to sponsor more teams, as they have done with DeathKorp in Quebec? How can readers' teams go about moving towards a sponsorship from Milsig?
We have plans to sponsor up to 5 teams in Canada this year, the first being DeathKorp, we're already talking to a few other teams. We approach teams about sponsorship, we don't want teams to approach us, we've had far too many requests as it is, we don't need anymore.
It looks like the long-delayed box mag will finally be released this year, which is exciting to say the least. Also, the possibility of new M-Series markers leaves me very interested. Whether they'll be in a reasonable price range remains to be seen.

Also, a belated congratulations is in order to DeathKorp, who garnered a sponsorship from Milsig recently.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Project: Foymount

As a result of my cabin fever due to the infamous Canadian winter, my mind has turned to paintball pipe dreams. That, combined with my love for abandoned locales/ghost towns turned my thoughts to where would be a great place to play some urban milsim paintball. Immediately, the town of Foymount, Ontario was brought to mind, as I had made a trip to the eerily picturesque town this past summer.

Built as an RCAF Station during the 50s, Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Foymount was designed as a radar facility to counter possible Soviet incursions during the Cold War. Foymount is the highest point in Ontario (a whopping 500 meters above sea level...), and was thus perfect for early detection purposes. However, the station became obsolete in the 1970s, and has become what some dub a ghost town (it is not my intent to call it that, as there are people who still live in the Foymount area, and they certainly wouldn't appreciate such a title). 

Since the exodus of the vast majority of the area's population, many of the building and former station facilities have been sold to private parties. While it's just a fancy at this point, I'd like to contact some of these parties, or the Canadian Forces, and see if it would be possible to play paintball in some of the building/environs.

Here are some things to consider about this idea:
  • There are a ridiculous amount of unused building that would be perfect for CQB play, including 65 houses, a school, medical and dental facilities, a recreation room with a gym, swimming pool, general store, post office" (Ghost Town Pix)
  • A good location to meet up for those in Ottawa/Toronto and anywhere in between
  • Proximity to towns for recreation pre/post games
  • Possible danger from buildings in disrepair
  • Would require to transport scuba tanks for fill purposes
  • Anyone letting paintballers use the building would have to deal with the mess that comes with paint slinging
  • A huge part of this would be contact with the Foymount community, and being mindful of their presence

Preliminary plan for how to go about this venture:
  • Obtain permission from owner of buildings used
  • Contact Canadian Forces and inform them of intent/see if they own any of the buildings still and would be willing to let us use them
  • Contact OPP and inform them of our intent
  • Ask OPP and Canadian Forces if they would like to become involved in the venture in a formal or informal manner
  • Broadcast intent on milsim forums/websites
  • Contact paintball fields that may be interested in making this more than a grassroots playing area, although it may be that it would be best to keep it small
  • Find a building inspector who would be able to check out any building that would be used

For more pictures of CFS Foymount, check this website out.

If you would like to help make this a possibility or share some information you have on Foymount, please comment or shoot me an email at

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

VLTOR sues Magpul

The Scottsdale Gun Club recently reported that VLTOR has comenced legal action against Magpul (who happen to have a nice new website), over VLTOR's Modstock patent. It would appear that Magpul's ACS stock from their MOE (Magpul Original Equipment) line may not be as original as claimed. The full legal document can be read here

The Wolf's Den

Wolf, of The Wolf's Den, regularly posts reviews and interviews on Youtube, often focusing on milsim events, venues and products. So if you're tired of listening to the rants of a certain other unnamed Youtube paintball celebrity, check out Wolf. He brings a refreshingly professional and fun demeanor to the sport, and has a strong sense of community.

Here's his latest video, featuring a trip to Texas and one of Scenario Dreams' (P.S. It appears their famed P90 Ions are MIA) miniguns

Monday, February 1, 2010

Event: Operation End War Release

Sent to me by RAP4:

The world has changed, and the old superpowers are back with vengeance. After a horrible nuclear exchange, the Middle East was obliterated and its oil destroyed. The Russians drained Siberia to meet the world's demand, driving prices through the roof and bringing the bear back onto the world stage. Europe bound together with uncharacteristic militarism in defense of their eastern border...

...and the US built a low-orbit platform for deploying Marines anywhere in the world on short notice. We have an anti-ballistic-missile shield...but now, so does everyone.

So it's up to those Marines gear-up to protect our country one carefully aimed round at a time. The Europeans lean heavily on their ground forces for defense. The Russians enjoy the rebirth of their empire.

And it's all balanced on a fine point that's about to break.

Join the fury this summer, with "End War," a massive scenario brought to you by Real Action Paintball and some of paintball's finest teams, promoters, and fields.

This exciting scenario will be as real as it gets: only magazine-fed markers will be allowed. The rental package available FREE to all players includes not only the use of the latest T68 Gen6 markers, but also three magazines and a MOLLE pack to hold them. Players may bring their own .68 or .43 markers, and strict mil-sim equipment and apparel is encouraged for the ultimate playing experience.

With onboard ammunition limited to realistic quantities, comes the increased importance of tactics, technique...and backup. Get your friends onboard now for your squad. When you practice this weekend, focus on cover fire and movement. Train like you're going to compete.

Then check out RAP4's compressed air powered paintball "landmines," "grenade launchers," and other tools of the trade show scenario domination-you'll need everything you can get to protect America.

...or take it over.