Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Federal Ruling - Non-Replica Airsoft Status in Canada 41 FPS Lower

This will mean nothing to many of you, but the RCMP and CBSA now consider an airsoft gun firing a .20g 6mm bb at 366 fps an uncontrolled firearm. That is a 41 fps reduction from the previous ruling of 407 fps. So, anything between 366 and 500 feet per second will no longer be considered a replica firearm, with all the implications that carries. Keep in mind that the last time the RCMP tested airsoft guns, pretty much everything came back between 330-350 fps.

Ad verbatim:

Classification of Airsoft Guns

1. The purpose of this notice is to advise of changes affecting the classification of 6mm calibre airsoft guns.
2. Section 2 of the Criminal Code defines a firearm as “a barrelled weapon from which any shot, bullet or other projectile can be discharged and that is capable of causing serious bodily injury or death to a person, and includes any frame or receiver of such a barrelled weapon, as well as anything that can be adapted for use as a firearm”.
3. As outlined in Memorandum D19-13-2Importing and Exporting Firearms, Weapons and Devices, it was previously established that an airsoft gun, firing a .22g 6mm plastic pellet, must have a muzzle velocity in excess of 124 m/s (407 fps), in order to be considered a firearm.
4. Based on the latest research, it is now established that the muzzle velocity at which a .20g 6mm plastic airsoft projectile is capable of causing serious bodily injury is 111.6 m/s (366 fps).
5. Airsoft guns, firing a .20g 6mm plastic pellet, with a muzzle velocity above 111.6 m/s (366 fps), will be classified as firearms. Please refer to D19-13-2 for the import requirements of low muzzle velocity firearms, including low muzzle velocity “uncontrolled” firearms.
6. If an airsoft gun, firing a .20g 6mm plastic pellet, shoots below 111.6 m/s (366 fps), and resembles with near precision an existing make and model of a firearm, other than an antique firearm, it will be classified as replica firearm. Replica firearms are prohibited devices and must meet import requirements as listed in D19-13-2.
7. Inquiries and comments about this notice should be directed to: Other Government Department Programs Unit Programs Branch Canada Border Services Agency

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

RAP4UK Videos From PBE

MagWell's PBE Pics (RAP4 Drum Mag Ahead) - 56k Warning

MagWell has been kind enough to share some awesome pictures they took at Paintball Extravaganza, check it out (and be sure to like them on Facebook):

New Details on SAR12

Box Cutter was kind enough to post details for the SAR12 in the comment section of Grey Ops, so here's the lowdown:

Price: $1000 USD
Pre-order deposit: $150 USD
Availability: September 1st 2012
Action: Semi automatic or bolt action (convertible)

SAS Woodsball Canada Marker Giveaway

3 New Products from Tippmann

Check out three new products from Tippmann (so far no word yet on anything else, let's see what pops up):

So a hybridized entry level marker, an uzi-styled rental, and new goggles. Not too shabby, but hopefully not all that Tippmann has in store for us this year.

New Milsig Pics + Some Details

Check out some pics taken by SAS-Necro recently of the new Milsig markers:


Give a warm welcome to the new mag-fed blog MagWars and head on over to right now! If you're an RSS junkie like me, here's their feed. If you want to know what they're all about, check this link out.

Monday, February 27, 2012

A-TACS Took Manhattan, Now They Take Berlin

Check out the newest press release from A-TACS, Europeans take special note:

"German based manufacturer, STRATAGEM® Announces they are now offering A-TACS AU Camo gear in their product line. Founded in 2008, STRATAGEM produces tactical gear at their manufacturing facility in Berlin, Germany for Elite Special Operations, Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian customers. They hand select all materials paying strict attention to quality in design and functionality for the end-user above all else. Each piece of gear is built to strict German TL (Mil-Spec) standards.
STRATAGEM Gear is currently serving operators in a wide variety of locations worldwide. Now, with the Addition of A-TACS Camo to their product line-up, Those operators have even more choices in Tactical Gear.

Carmatech Engineering SAR12 Platform

Here's the ad copy:

A digital demonstration that shows the capabilities of Carmatech Engineering's new product. A .68 caliber paintball, First Strike enabled precision bolt action rifle that will be introduced at the 2012 International Paintball Expo in Washington DC. This project in its current form is the culmination of over two years of engineering, design, and analysis. Patent pending technology allow for bolt action to semi auto change over, and reversible magazine design. This design also allows for future change over to other chassis systems that will be released at later dates.
Features not noted in videoMagazine feed or hopper feedTwelve (12) round magazine
Precision Rifle Specifications 20 inch barrel with Autococker threadsFree floating extended foregripFully adjustable buttstock
CQB Rifle SpecificationsCQB rifle 16 inch barrel with Autococker threadsFree floating compact foregripAdjustable buttstock with integrated air tank mounting
Accessories1) Remote line extension. (Allows for remote mounting of the asa to the 1913 Mil Rail located on the bottom of both buttstocks.)2) Extended Magazines (Increased capacity for the CQB operators)1913 Mil Rails for mounting to the foregrip3) Chassis systems
The barrel is autococker threaded, no words yet on price but needless to say, it's safe to guess "expensive".

RAP4 Detailed Look at DMAGS

Interested parties should check out 4:27, where a U-shaped First Strike feed is used (Edit - the mag actually shown in the video uses smaller shells however). The feed is essentially a broken mobius strip, pretty damn cool really.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Word on the street is a paintball manufacTurer has been working on a marker that uses removable feeding cartridges for quite some time, and that the release date is soon.

D-Mag Disappointment

There's been speculation as to how exactly RAP4 managed to make such inexpensive magazines as the D-Mags, but now that all has been revealed it makes total sense. The magazines are configured around two individual feed stacks, and you have to flip the magazine horizontally after you expend one stack. I was really hoping the D-Mags would be a viable alternative to other magazines but I have to say I'm pretty disappointed in how they turned out. What are your thoughts?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Milsig FXR - P2C

Milsig continues to roll out new product teasers, check out the newest release, the FXR (force multiplier) P2C (pistol to carbine):

These kits, beyond obviously allowing you to use a TPX or T8 as a carbine, also apparently allow you to use an air-thru or 13ci tank option with the marker. This is cool stuff.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A-TACS IWA Announcement

A-TACS Camo to Exhibit at the IWA Show in Nuremberg, Germany

 For the first time ever, Digital Concealment Systems’ A-TACS Camo will be an exhibitor at the upcoming IWA Show March 9th – 12th in Nuremberg, Germany. Representatives from DCS as well as Schott Performance and Tactical Fabrics, DCSs’ exclusive fabric provider, will be in attendance. The DCS Exhibit will be located in hall 7A during the exhibition. “This is a tremendous opportunity for us to say “Thank You” to all of our loyal supporters around the world. We look forward to seeing everyone there.” Look for updates and photos to be posted on our Facebook page and Website during the show. For more information on the IWA Show, visit their website at:

Milsig M17 First Pics

Hot on the heals of the first pictures of the M-SERIES MKII PARADIGM, Milsig has unveiled another new marker, the M17. 

Here's what I can tell you:
  • Both markers will be FS capable.
  • Standard Milsig mags will work with both markers.
  • These are new markers, not drop-in kits or anything else of the sort.

Look forward to more details come time of Paintball Extravaganza. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Cam from Greg Hastings

Greg Hastings, who sometimes seems like he has his hands in everything paintball related, continues to expand his personal brand with the introduction of a new paintball video camera.

He states on Facebook that it's the size of an index finger. If it can pull off decent 1080p at that size, I'm sure it will be very popular with paintball players. No word yet on different mounts, but it also includes a patented "R7 paintball mount", whatever that is.

A Photo

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ottawa Deal: Marked A-5 + Membership for $200

Marked Paintball still has an awesome deal on right now, for anyone interested in picking up a used A-5 and a 2012 (disregard the 2011) membership to their great field in Ottawa's West End. Get it while it's hot.

A-TACS AU Gear from UR Tactical

UR Tactical has rolled out some cool A-TACS AU gear recently, as announced through A-TACS' website. Check it out:

UR Tactical’s OPS line in A-TACS AU Camo is designed with the operator in mind. The OPS Direct Action Pants are cut from 50/50 NyCo and feature integrated and removable molded knee-pads surrounded by 500D Cordura for added re-enforcement and full-length side zippers that extend from the bottom of the leg to the hip. the lower legs are also fitted and re-enforced with 500D Cordura. The waist features a Hook and Loop closure.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rombo - Rick Santorum Paintball Ad

In an ad criticizing Mitt Romney for his alleged metaphorical mud-slinging, Rick Santorum has published a video wherein a Romney look-alike fires real mud using a Tippmann X7 Phenom with AK-47 accessories.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ADS Unveils Somewhat Familiar Camouflage

ADS, as partnered with Guy Cramer, has recently unveiled their new camouflage that has been entered into the camouflage improvement effort put forward by the US Army. You can read an article about it on Soldier Systems here.

Hey, remember how Guy Cramer was suing DCS, saying that A-TACS FG was essentially a duplicate of his patterns? Remember how everyone scratched their heads and wondered where exactly the similarity was?

Guile's Theme Contest

Many of you may be familiar with the meme "Guile's Theme Goes With Everything", which is pretty self explanatory if you're not familiar with it. It's about time people started putting Guile's theme to paintball videos, so here's my challenge for you:

Using a paintball video you already have (the easiest way) or a new video (both must be your own video content), change the audio to Guile's theme (I won't post a file for download, but check out this link), upload your video to Youtube, and link to your new video in the comments section. Whatever video that gets enough likes in the comment section will win! Winning this time just gets you bragging rights (hey, I can't give away stuff all the time!), and some Grey Ops publicity for your awesome video. Have at it.

Strikemark Picatinny Camera Mounts

A frustration of those with GoPro and Contour cameras is that they have a hard time finding mounts for firearms/airsoft guns/paintball markers. Strikemark apparently offers a great range of mounts for picatinny-equipped platforms. They even offer a Glock GoPro mount, kind of funny as the GoPro is nearly as big as the Glock itself.

Monday, February 13, 2012

CQB Tactical Paintball Under New Ownership

The following is a press release from CQB's Facebook page:
Hi all, This is an OFFICIAL CQB TACTICAL PAINTBALL ANNOUNCEMENT. Likely not news for all, but for those of you that have not yet heard, CQB is under new ownership! The former owner has stepped aside, making way for a previous business associate, Vivian Pilar, a long standing friend to the facility since its inception, to take over directorship of the company. Beyond that, nothing has changed! The field, the staff, and the management that you have all come to know remain constant and the business is stronger for it. We at CQB remain as committed as ever, offering a pulse pounding, one of a kind paintball experience, right in the heart of Toronto. Hope to see you all on the field. The Management & Staff. CQB
Thoughts? Launches

This may only be big news for some of you, but Bacci Paintball, of M. Carter Brown, has opened an online store selling his ridiculous collection of rare or even impossible to find paintball markers and parts. Whether you're part of the paintball old guard and not ready to let that one special marker go, yet don't have any parts for it, or if you have a penchant for picking up golden oldies, you won't go wanting.

The M. Carter Brown marker whore vultures are already picking away at some of the rarer and better offerings, so get it while it's hot!

Air Gauge Fail

So rarely does such a magnanimous design flaw such as that of the Feinwerkbau P11 Piccolo Air Pistol come along, that when it does the whole internet goes abuzz with it. Making the circulations around Facebook and now forums, this air pistolis capable of firing a .177 pellet at roughly five hundred feet per second, and is even capable of doing so right into your face while you check how much air is left in it.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Free Stuff Via Crypsis

I'm not gonna hold out on the regular blog readers and not advertise free stuff elsewhere and not here, so here's the dealy. My store (opened last summer, click here for more details) is going to give a prize package if 400 likes are achieved by Sunday, and 2 prize packages if 500 likes are achieved by the same time. Here are the details:
Alright guys (and girls), here's the challenge. Get this page to 400 likes by Sunday and I'll send off a care package to a lucky fan anywhere in the world containing Crypsis' new toy (see pic), a paracord bracelet and a JAGER patch. Sound good? Here's the link to that new toy again, Get the page to 500 likes by Sunday, and I'll send out two packages! And... go!
Again, to be clear, the page you have to like is the main Crypsis page. You can like other stuff if you so desire, but it won't win you anything! Winners will be chosen by, for those of you that are interested.

Friday, February 10, 2012

RealBud Camo

Move over Realtree, you ain't got shit on RealBud. Yes, Bud as in that kind of bud.

The epitome of class.

RealBud sells bandanas, hats, and a variety of shirts in their proprietary pattern through their website. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It Ain't Libel if I Don't Say Anything

Translation for images posted below their respective diagrams. The pictures are not my work.

Spin's influence on trajectory:

Extreme: Best curve reduction, best distance before curving
Competition: Overall curve reduction, overall improvement on distance before curving
Regular: Irregularities in the paintball's shape cause rotation, which causes a more or less drastic change in trajectory

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Morning Twilight Theatre - February 4th 2012

Video dump time! Got lots of vids for you guys this time.

Wolf gives away tickets to "Act of Valor".

Not sure if there are any "Maggots"that read Grey Ops, but some may be interested in this.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hades Arrow 70mm Mortar

The Hades Arrow is essentially a water rocket with a CO2 firing mechanism, so when you drop it down the "mortar" tube it activates and flies out like a real mortar shell. The projectile weighs a quarter of a kilo when it activates, and presumably greatly reduces in weight before it hits the ground (because it is a water rocket and uses water as a propellant, gradually expelling its fuel as it flies). With all players on a field wearing helmets I'm sure this would be perfectly safe, but I certainly wouldn't recommend getting whacked on the noggin' without something protecting it. Nor would it be fun to stand in front of the tube and get half a pound of water-filled plastic to the kisser. But if you see this and all that comes to mind are safety concerns... I think the fun centre of your brain is broken.

So who's going to buy me one?