Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Marker of the Month - Nerf Mk-19

Back by popular demand, the Marker of the Month isn't exactly a marker. It's better.


Nerf Mk-19

Based on the Mk-19 automatic grenade launcher, this devastating piece of paintball artillery was built by Q of Underground Mod Shop's forum.

  • Powered by two 110ci 4500 HPA tanks
  • Electrically driven belt
  • Capable of semi and full automatic fire
  • 152 rpm
  • 4 air chambers (for consistent sustained fire)

No Money November Draws to a Close

Thanks to all of you that followed No Money November! Hopefully some of our tips prove useful and your wallets feel a bit heavier. Theme months are fun for us, and from the recent survey, the vast majority of you like them as well. That being said, December won't be a theme month, but expect lots of Christmas cheer floating around.

If you like free stuff, be sure to connect with Grey Ops in the different ways shown below. For most of our contests you need to be connected in some way or another, and I think I'll try and run an unannounced contest sometime around Christmas (i.e. you won't hear about it until one of our readers wins).

No Money November: Memberships, Coupons, Gift Certificates, and Loyalty Programs

Paintball is by no means a "budget" sport, but there are ways to cut costs here and there. In this post I'll go over some, and show you how to save money in the long term at local fields.

No Money November: Buying Used Paintball Gear

Paintball gear is generally pretty sturdy and built to last. Markers and tanks are built to take a pounding from high pressures, while Paintball apparel and Milsim accessories are usually pretty rugged and made to stand up to slides, dives, and lots of kneeling behind cover. With this in mind, members of the No Money Nation may be tempted to buy second-hand paintball gear to equip themselves. But before you lay down your hard-earned cash for used gear, there are a number of things to consider.

First, before jumping at an opportunity to buy something second-hand, it's important that the seller accurately describe the items he's selling, with no hidden secrets about it. The manufacturer's own ad copy already goes into detail about how great the product is, but an honest seller will tell you if there's a problem with the one he's selling, whether that problem is a scratch, a busted O-ring, or the need for a new ASA. If there's an issue that needs to be fixed, you can often subtract the cost of the replacement part PLUS extra for the hassle and tech work you'll have to do to bring the item up to working condition.

Next, it's important for price-haggling reasons to know WHY the seller is trying to offload his gear!

Types of Sellers

The Deserter

This seller is getting out of the game, and you can usually get the best deals from him. The Deserter is usually a noob who played paintball once or twice, bought a full set of gear, then just couldn't find the time to play after that. He thinks it was a bad decision and just wants to recoup some of his cash. Or it may be a hardcore player whose wife just gave birth to triplets and he needs quick cash, or who suffered an injury and decided that the adrenaline rush of Paintball just isn't worth another ACL reconstruction. And occasionally, someone with little or no interest in Paintball will get a marker for Christmas or his birthday, and he wants to sell it for some cash to buy the gift he REALLY wanted.

The Deserter's asking price is usually highly negotiable, and he wants to sell his stuff "yesterday" so he can get access to some quick cash and move on with his life.

No Money November: Paintball Gear at Thrift Stores

In a couple of previous posts I revealed some handy paintball items that you could pick up at your local dollar store (in case you missed them, you'll find them here and here).

Now, in this post I'll reveal another little-known spot where you can pick up milsim paintball gear on the cheap: Thrift stores! Thrift stores may go by different names depending on where you're located, but I'm talking about stores like the Salvation Army or your local swap meet. These are stores where people donate clothing, household items, or sporting goods, and these in turn are sold, with the profits usually going to support any number of charities. In my neck of the woods the biggest chain of second-hand goods stores is known as Value Village (I believe it's known as Savers in the States). The sheer department store scale of these outlets means you have more selection and items to choose from, and a better chance of lucking out and finding some good gear for milsim paintball!

No Money November: T-Shirt Winner!

Monday, November 29, 2010

No Money November: Special Ops Paintball Goes off the Deep End

Warning: Rampant sarcasm present.

No Money November had been going so smoothly...

Numerous paintball retailers are lowering their prices or offering great deals leading up the to the Christmas Holiday Non-Denominational Festival end of the year end of the Gregorian calendar (PC enough for you?) and many paintballers are feeling the economic love.

However, one of the more popular custom paintball gear manufacturers has, lamentably, gone batshit crazy. Observe:

Dragon Scale Tactical Paintball Battle Pants
Price tag: $275 USD

No Money November: Flasc Christmas Promotion

Flasc sells BT, Tippmann, Tiberius and Azodin markers and has an amazing array of awesome barrels. Get in on the promotion before December 25th and get a free barrel and tip (of your choosing) with the purchase of any of these popular markers. Yet more savings for No Money November!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

No Money November: Last Minute Giveaway Contest

Scroll down to the bottom of this post if you don't care about words, only free t-shirts.

Those of you that follow the blog on a regular basis may already know that I've had some t-shirts in the works for a little while. Well a short while back I received a shipment from Deadbox Paintball (I'll be doing a piece on said company this week, but short version is they're awesome), containing some goodies. I'm not looking to make any money from these, and the pricing should be about $21 shipping included to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

I'll have a sale thread up soon, along with pictures of the shirts on real human beings, but for now here's what the front of the shirts look like:

Apologies for the crappy picture, photoshoot soon to follow.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

No Money November: Tactics #5 - Battlefield Communication, Part 2

As part of No Money November, I'll be posting a multi-part series on paintball tactics. After all, those who use proper tactics in paintball achieve their objectives and have more fun with less paintballs, win free s*** when they win tournaments, and can play the game without investing hard-earned cash in gimmicky products, "the next best thing". Good tactics go hand-in-hand with saving money at Paintball!

In the first post on the topic of communication, I explained the necessity of proper communication to maintain an effective team, and some obstacles faced in the heat of battle. In this installment, we'll look at how to overcome those obstacles.

First, to overcome the "heat of battle", yell loudly as you speak to your teammate, to snap him out of that tunnel hearing and keep him from tuning you out as background noise. Start your message with his name or call sign to get his attention, and to let him know the message is directed at him. If the message is directed to your whole team, yell out the team name first (or just "TEAM!") so that everyone perks their ears up. Not only does yelling increase your chances of being heard, it can serve a motivational purpose. Human beings are social animals, and most naturally seek and respond to leaders, especially under stress. By "speaking with your balls" (i.e. speaking loudly and confidently), you provide motivation and help keep the team focused.

No Money November: More Dollar Store Paintball Gear

Since my first post on useful items for paintball found at the dollar store, I've come across other handy items there for paintballers.

First of all, in the comments section of the last article, our readers left some tips on other items you could find at Dollarama that are useful for paintball. Be sure to check out their suggestions!

Here's a compact, folding Allen Key tool that you can find at Dollarama for only $2. It's very small, and can fit in a pants pocket for emergencies in the field:

Grey Ops On Youtube

Look forward to a lot more Grey Ops Youtube content in the new year! For the time being, here are some videos from Grey Ops you can already find on the 'Tube:

Friday, November 26, 2010

No Money November: RAP4 Under Armor BDUs


Much alike the Helikon shirts Mike recently talked about, RAP4 has produced an affordable alternative for those wanting BDU style Under Armor fabric shirts. What makes RAP4 stand apart though? Look at this pattern list:
  • UCP
  • OD
  • Black
  • Flecktarn
  • Multicam (unofficial)
  • DPM
  • Woodland

Milsig Polymer Upgrades + Christmas Sale

Milsig has some polymer (I'm guessing Delrin) upgrades available for existing K-Series owners, in the form of a new nozzle and bolt. Any new K-Series purchased will come with the new nozzles and bolts already installed. I wonder if this is a move towards making the Milsig line more technologically advanced in general, if so that would be great.

Duracoat Made Easy + Glow in the Dark Duracoat

Duracoat has long been touted as one of the best paintball/airsoft/firearm finishes available on the market today, but until this point its only been available in airbrush format. For those of you that don't want to go to the bother of buying airbrush tools or learning how to use them, thus far you've been S.O.L. Well Duracoat is now rolling out a "Shake ‘N Spray" mechanism available in a convenient little set. Why it took them this long is beyond me, but this will open up the market for many weekend do-it-yourselfers that would previously never have bought the durable finishing system. Also newly available is a phosphorescent (glow in the dark) finish. Between a DIY applicator and glow in the dark paint, I know I'll just have to have a Duracoat pet project this winter season.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Money November - Discount Paintball Black Friday Sale!

The American Thanksgiving holiday is bad news for turkeys everywhere, but great news for paintballers looking to get equipped. That's because Discount Paintball is having a Black Friday deal in which you can get a free Invert Halo Too loader OR free Empire E-Vents SN goggles, with the purchase of a BT marker from their online store!

With the BT-4 Combat marker selling for $109.95 USD, or the new SA-17 Pistol selling for $129.95 USD, this is an unbeatable deal for the No Money Nation. Be sure to check this sale out!

The Black Friday sale runs from 12am Thursday November 25th, until 11:59pm Monday November 29th (all times Central).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Money November: Carnage Paintball Road Trip

If you live in the Ottawa area, and have been meaning to try Arnold Paintball's indoor facility in Montreal, there's never been a better time than this coming December 17th. That's when Carnage Paintball is taking Ottawans on a road trip to the field for an overnight session!

At $125, the trip includes bus transportation to Montreal, admission, rental equipment if needed, and 1 case of 2000 paintballs. This is a golden opportunity for the No Money crowd to try out Arnold Paintball Indoor, as the usual price of a case for non-members is a whopping $210!!!

The bus leaves for Montreal at 8:30pm on the Friday night, and returns early Saturday morning, so be sure to rest up in the afternoon (or on the bus on the way over). To register for the trip, or for more information, e-mail info@carnagefields.ca, or reach Charles by phone at (613) 229-3207.


I've just received word from Carnage staff that the road trip will be postponed until mid-January. The December date was conflicting with too many Christmas schedules! Stay tuned to Grey Ops for more info as the date approaches.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Milsim Labs Tracer Ordnance

Milsim Labs (a paintball/airsoft ordnance company that I've talked about before) will soon be offering glow in the dark rounds for CQB/night play. I'm assuming you'll need to come up with either a container that bathes the rounds in light, or a modification for whatever launcher you're using to expose them to light before they're fired. While I think it's a great idea, I still don't think tanks in night play will catch on (too much risk of them running over a prone paintballer). That being said it would be perfect if you were trying to eliminate bunkers in the dark, or directing friendly fire/attention to a certain point (like a flare).

Sunday, November 21, 2010

No Money November: Cheap Paintballs

This isn't a particularly inexpensive paintball, I just like how the picture turned out.

It's been mentioned multiple times over No Money November that one of if not the biggest costs associated with paintball is the price of paintballs themselves. The shortest term solution to this is buying cheap paintballs for either BYOP or outlaw play.

No Money November: Dollar Store Paintball Gear

As unbelievable as the title may sound, it's true that you can find some useful gear for paintballing at the Dollar Store. I took a trip to my local Dollarama and picked up some items to show you just what a treasure trove the place can be for a MilSim paintball player on a budget.

For starters, and considering winter's coming up FAST, let's look at the winter gear I found. Here's a pair of fleece gloves in woodland camo, nice and toasty (and also nicely priced) at $1.25.

There were also fleece tuques (that's beanies or skullcaps for you non-Canadians), as well as fleece scarves in woodland camouflage. Not to mention that there are cold weather socks, underwear, and other goodies (like Hot Paws hand-warming packs near the cash register), all at $1 or $1.25.

Ok so that's it for the winter gear. For those of you who choose to stay indoors this winter (and I don't blame you!), the rest of this post will deal with items that are good for paintballing in nicer weather (or indoor paintball in the cold months).

Friday, November 19, 2010

No Money November: Tactics #4 - Battlefield Communication, Part 1

As part of No Money November, I'll be posting a multi-part series on paintball tactics. After all, those who use proper tactics in paintball achieve their objectives and have more fun with less paintballs, win free s*** when they win tournaments, and can play the game without investing hard-earned cash in gimmicky products, "the next best thing". Good tactics go hand-in-hand with saving money at Paintball!

Most basic tactics at a team level, like suppression and flanking, rely on good communication between team members for success.

If you define a team as a group of like-minded people working together towards a common goal, the key here would be "working together". Working together effectively requires sharing and communicating ideas, knowledge, and intentions. Without this, there is no team! A group of 5 people on the same side who don't communicate with each other isn't really a team at all. Rather, you could say they're 5 individuals working alone against common opponents, and a waste of good team potential.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Apex 2

Carter, of M. Carter Brown has released photos of the Apex 2. The ubiquitous Apex is known to any die-hard woodsball, scenario, or milsim paintballer and serves a very unique role. The Apex 2 is, if nothing else, much better looking than the original, lending itself very well to milsim play (out of the box it looks like a mock suppressor, and if you drilled some holes in it it would look amazing). Few new features have been revealed, but it's been said that the Apex 2 doesn't require tools for takedown. No news on a release date so far. More pictures after the jump.


Here's a pic I grabbed from Kee's catalogue:

No Money November: Tactics #3 - Flanking

As part of No Money November, I'll be posting a multi-part series on paintball tactics. After all, those who use proper tactics in paintball achieve their objectives and have more fun with less paintballs, win free s*** when they win tournaments, and can play the game without investing hard-earned cash in gimmicky products, "the next best thing". Good tactics go hand-in-hand with saving money at Paintball!

In the second post of this series, I explained the importance of suppressing your opponent, and how to accomplish it for best results. But suppression alone doesn't actually score points or win games, and to get results you'll need to exploit your opponent's suppressed state. This means that while he's hunkered down to avoid taking a paintball hit to the gogs, you'll need to move to a better firing position - preferably to one where he's exposed to your fire, and his cover is useless.

Usually this means moving around to his side, in what's commonly known as a flanking maneuver (flank is just a fancy word for side). Generally, any given bunker on your average paintball field provides great cover from fire in one direction, but poor to no cover from fire coming from any other directions. So by circling around your opponent's cover/bunker on his left or right flanks, you can usually take him out with a quick shot or two.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

No Money November: Make a Video, Win a FLASC Kit

Milsim Empire is giving away a FLASC kit via a video contest, here's what you can win:

"The Flasc Paintball Micro Bore Barrel Kit Includes:

• .678 Bore size barrel
• .681 Bore size barrel
• .684 Bore size barrel
• .687 Bore size barrel
• .690 Bore size barrel
o 9" Barrel Extension with gen2 porting
o Apex ready adapter
o Blaster Tip
o 4 Prong Tip
o Wirecutter Tip
o Cannoniser Tip
o Bullpen Tip
o *BT Apex*
o Flasc Paintball carry case
o Flasc BBD    "

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Magazines for $4.99? (Updated)

From a RAP4 rep:

"Coming soon Tacamo D-Mag
20 Rounds spring fed magazine $4.99 each
Expected release date July 4th 2011"

Wow. 5 bucks for a magazine? How is it possible that what was once a $40 magazines is now only $5? I'll try to get more details, but this combined with the new RAP4 conversion kits means a super cheap set-up for those getting into mag-fed play. Well done RAP4!

Update - November 16th 2010

Double wow. Been in contact with RAP4 a bit more, turns out these mags will be First Strike compatible. And they are not the same as the current magazines. So let's sum this up... for $5 you get a 20 round first strike compatible magazine that is available in bulk packs. This is a game changer without a doubt.

More info to come!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Grey Ops 2011


Grey Ops has survived a year in the blogosphere, and in the hopes of making the website better and bigger I'd love to hear what you guys think. That being said, I've made an online survey to hopefully do just that!

Here's the link.

Any participation would be greatly appreciated, no questions are mandatory and it's a really easy interface. A huge thanks to anyone that does complete the survey, I really hope to make Grey Ops the best it can be in the next year.

Also, if you really hate us, here's the time to make it known! In awesome survey format!

Peace and cheers,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Kitanica Gear

Kitanica has a couple new tacticool offerings to add to their line-up, check 'em:

Sorry for the weird image split, that's my fault but I'm too tired of looking at HTML to fix it. I like that the fleece liner is a Kitanica product that's actually within my price range!

You Just Multicame

Important: This post is a candidate for quick deletion. I've been made aware that it may be offensive to part of Grey Ops' audience. Please make your voice heard, if you want this post deleted leave a comment to that effect.

Do you like You like boobs. You like Multicam. You like Magpul. You like plate carriers covering nothing but bare skin and barely concealing nipples. You like this video:

By now I'm sure you know what this calendar consists of, and you can purchase it right here. Half of the proceeds go to Help for Heroes, an organization supporting veterans.

I think it's hilarious that Crye actually sponsored this, and made genuine Multicam bikinis and curve-hugging "thigh rigs". Bravo. How many of you cringed like I did when the one model kissed the business part of the pistol barrel?

Special thanks to Darren for sending this to me! Video originally found on Spike TV's blog.

A-TACS Propper Release

From A-TACS:
"Propper International Introduces A-TACS® ACUs for Spring 2011

Propper International™ and Digital Concealment Systems are proud to announce the Spring 2011 launch of the new A-TACS® ACU.

Milsig Remembrance Day Weekend Sale

From Milsig's website:

We at MILSIG Canada are proud to be Canadian and we are thankful to live in this wonderful country and forecer grateful to all the Canadian men and women sacrificed so much to make Canada the free country that it is today. We would like to personally thank our veterans and soldiers currently overseas for all that you've done to protect our country and ensure a secure and free nation for ourselves and our future generation. Please stay safe and sharp out there and God bless Canada!

Lest We Forget

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Video Dump - November 10th 2010

More details of the box mag, and of course what we've all been waiting for: shooting.

No Money November: Cheap Sniper Veil

 Example of a commercial sniper veil (A-TACS).

If you're in a protracted and slow paced game, one of the best pieces of camouflage you can pack with you is a sniper veil. A sniper veil is simply a lightweight piece of fabric (that may or may not be semi-translucent, but is often very well ventilated) that is used to disrupt the form of your marker/head/torso when you're lying in wait. Many paintball and airsoft websites sell veils (for upwards of $20), but it's easy to find or make a cheap or free version yourself.

RAP4 Box Mag - Look Inside

My first reaction when seeing this is how thin the plastic walls of the box mag look. I was kind of hoping that the walls would be a bit thicker, to stand up to rough and tumble play in the woods. I also don't really like how the flaps operate.

What I do like is: how easy it is to take apart, the addition of a window to the front, a manual indexing function, and the ability to recharge rechargeable 9 volt batteries within the unit.

I apologize for not having any large posts up in the last little while, I've got a lot of stuff on the go but will be able to dedicate lots of time to writing soon!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No Money November: Tactics #2 - Suppression

As part of No Money November, I'll be posting a multi-part series on paintball tactics. After all, those who use proper tactics in paintball achieve their objectives and have more fun with less paintballs, win free s*** when they win tournaments, and can play the game without investing hard-earned cash in gimmicky products, "the next best thing". Good tactics go hand-in-hand with saving money at Paintball!

Suppressing fire is used to overwhelm the enemy and win the firefight, with the aim being to restrict his ability to move. By keeping your opponent "pinned down", your team can safely maneuver to an ideal position to eliminate him.

Winning the firefight doesn't necessarily mean shooting your opponent
(although that definitely wins the battle). It simply means forcing your opponent to keep his head down to avoid getting hit. Once you've won the firefight, your team is better able to advance, maneuver, and flank
your opponent(s).

At first a lot of paintballs may need to be fired to win the firefight. It may take sustained fire from you and several of your squadmates to get your opponent to duck down and cower behind his bunker, but keep at it. Eventually the sheer firepower you're throwing at him will either hit him square in the mask, or force him to hunker down.

Monday, November 8, 2010

No Money November: Tactics #1 - Ammo Discipline

As part of No Money November, I'll be posting a multi-part series on paintball tactics. After all, those who use proper tactics in paintball achieve their objectives and have more fun with less paintballs, win free s*** when they win tournaments, and can play the game without investing hard-earned cash in gimmicky products, "the next best thing". Good tactics go hand-in-hand with saving money at Paintball!

The first thing I want to talk about in the Tactics series is ammo discipline. Ammo discipline refers to the practice of using the ammunition you carry wisely.

When you boil it down, any shooting at all is a NEGATIVE. Firing your paintball marker gives your position away to an opponent, or at least it gives him a good idea of the general location where you are. The second-worst part about shooting of course is that you use up paintballs, which are expensive. If you're playing at a field where paint is $100/case, you're literally throwing a nickel away every time you pull the trigger on your marker. So if you pointlessly let loose with 10 balls at the bunker your opponent is hiding behind, you've just spent 50 cents for zero results. That's equal to a crappy tip for a beer at your next night out, or half a litre of gas!

No Money November: Camo Scrubs

Pants and tops can be amongst the most expensive pieces of gear worn by paintball players, but there is a ridiculously cheap alternative out there.

Camouflaged scrubs, available through Nurse Joe, are available for $15 a pair of pants and $15 a top. So for $30 you can have a complete set of camouflage, including such patterns as Multicam, ABU and MARPAT (to name a few) made of Rip Stop fabric. Nurse Joe ships to the United States and Canada for reasonable rates, and entertains offers of custom work, so if you're thinking of outfitting your team with some cheap camo drop him a line and ask him about team logos etc.

Special thanks to JP for pointing this gem out!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

This Just In: Unofficial Fulda Results

Unofficial results point to Warsaw Forces suffering a major loss. Stay strong comrades. No one from Grey Ops made it out this year, maybe next year!

Friday, November 5, 2010


I've embedded this video at a specific time frame, if that doesn't work fast forward to 1:15 and then watch.

Finally! In this video, Chris Lasoya (a spokesperson for G.I. Milsim) admits that .50 cal paint does not travel as far as .68 cal paint. This is completely against what G.I. Milsim has been trying to tell us thus far (seen below in one example), despite physics and testing telling us that .68 travels further. It's nice to see the company has finally given up on trying to convince us that physics is wrong.

Milsim Ontario

Milsim Ontario is a new resource in public forum format that will allow Ontario paintballers with a penchant for milsim or mag-fed play to gather and co-ordinate. It's also another location that is automatically updated with Grey Ops news, as well as other news sources such as the Tactical Survivor Blog.

While you're at it, don't forget to check out Grey Ops' own forum. There are a few new giveaways coming up, and by being connected with the various Grey Ops peripherals you'll be more likely to win prizes...

No Money November: DIY Rembrance Day Poppy Mod

Next Thursday marks an important date for every Canadian, Remembrance Day. To honour our nation's veterans, we typically wear a synthetic red poppy, paid for through donating what you can at various retail locations throughout the nation. These poppies are typically attached with a straight pin. November also marks the appearance of Gore-Tex coats and jackets, as it is often a cold, rainy and snowy month. This makes the attaching of the poppy's straight pin difficult, and the attached poppy will often fall off. Here's a cost effective modification for those of you that want to wear your poppy without having to pierce it through a tough winter jacket only to have it fall out.

What you'll need:
  • Remembrance day poppy (purchased through donation at my local Tim Hortons)
  • Black pen (I'm sure you have a Sharpie or equivalent lying around)
  • 2 small rare earth magnets (Maybe 10 cents each)
  • Alternatively: A hot glue gun
1. Remove the straight pin and felt center from the poppy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

1 Year and 1 Day of Grey Ops

Yesterday marked the first year anniversary of Grey Ops. With 379 posts to date, the site has managed to put out an average of over a post a day, and our readership continues to climb. A big thanks goes out to everyone that's supported the website and continues to do so today. A very special thanks to Mike, who has brought a wealth of experience and a host of very well written articles to the blog. As long as there's still demand for it, I see the blog existing for the foreseeable future. Here's to another year!

Delay in RAP4 Box Mags

Everyone itching to get their hand on a box mag for their mag fed marker will have to wait a little while longer, looks like there's been a delay:

"We have received and sent out the initial batch of box magazines to our subsidiaries and have received feedback regarding this product. The Box magazine is presently not operating at its full potential and thus we have stopped shipping out box magazines until we have completed thorough testing on each unit. We do apologize for the delay and deeply appreciate your patience in this matter; we hope to have viable solution soon. At which time we will be in contact with each individual customer with a resolution and updated shipping time frame."

(Source: Milsim Empire)

Nice to see that RAP4 is making sure every box mag is tested before it's shipped out, and looks like anyone that has one on pre-order should be hearing from them soon.

Siberian 5 - Round 2

 A video from last year's Siberian 5. I'm in there, if you know what to look for.

Marked Paintball's Siberian 5 tournament is running again this year, registration is now open and the game will be held on November 27th. Full details here. For those of you that are on the fence or are getting into paintball, take note that rentals (Tippmann A5s) are free for this event, with a limited number available.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yeah, that's a phone mounted to an airsoft gun, with a HUD. You want it.

BattleTac is the manufacturer of a program specifically designed for milsim paintball and airsoft games, which provides you with a Future Warrior-esque tool set.

Here's the company's description: 

"BattleTac provides real-time GPS tracking, instant messaging and navigation on the battlefield. Using BattleTac you will always know where your comrades are on the battlefield and what they are doing. So BattleTac gives you essential information to make better tactical decisions and to be victorious.

No Money November: Shooting Less Paint

Unless you're buying the most expensive markers on the market, chances are most players spend more money on paint then anything else during a season of play. The simplest solution to this is just using less paint, but most players find it hard to do so without adjusting their play style. This is where limited paint play comes into play. Here are some options for getting you started:

1. Pick up a cheap tac-cap or limited capacity standard hopper. These hoppers and cyclone tops force you to pick your shots and are often dirt cheap.