Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big Gun Go Boom

How many paintball fields have you been to that have busted out an Ordnance QF 6 Pounder... and then fired it?

Video taken at Real Deal Paintball, this antique cannon was used to mark the start of the first game (Operation Ortona) and fired again at lunch. I had a chance to talk with the field owner, Dana, and almost all of his staff throughout the day. They're a new field on the Ottawa scene, and a bunch of stand-up people! Go check them out.

Tactical Survivor Blog

Please welcome Evan Henshaw and his new baby, "Tactical Survivor Blog" to the blogosphere. Evan's a member of Inops Suspicio, and goes by the moniker Widowmaker. Take a look at his introduction post, and first gear review!

TYR Tactical MICO

A machine gun, Multicam and Johnny cash. Good combo. Courtesy of Tyr Tactical:

I remember seeing paintball devices like these a while back, huge backpacks with tubes leading down to the markers (A5s I think). If anyone has a link to them, hit me up with it.

580 CFRA Paintball Article

From CFRA News Talk Radio:

Paintball Guns Not a Concern

The Ottawa Police Service has concluded stronger regulations are not needed with regard to paintball guns.
The Ottawa Police Services Board made a request in February to determine the viability of bringing forward a resolution specifically addressing the need for stronger regulations with regard to paintball guns.
In a report, Chief Vernon White writes a paintball gun "does not resemble, for the most part, a real firearm."
Of the 113 imitation firearms seized by Ottawa Police in 2009, just nine were paintball guns and were not used in serious criminal offences.
White says the "vast majority of people who use paintball guns do so with the utmost regard to public safety."
The board did approve recommendations to address the need to have regulations on the sale of pellet and air guns.

Slow Motion Video of Flasc Cannoniser Turbulance

So Youtube's being a S.O.B. and won't let me upload anything at the moment, I'll transfer this eventually.

This video demonstrates the amount of turbulence you get when using a loudener at the end of your barrel, and how awesome the visual effect is in slow motion. Believe it or not this is HPA not CO2, although it was a humid day so that could have contributed to the effect. 

New Flasc Micro Kits and Barrels

Here's the full release (found on Milsim Empire):

"New Micro Kits!
The main release will be our new Micro Kits, these kits will include 5 bore sizes at 2.5” Long, 1 9" extension (11.5" total barrel length before tip) one barrel tip, Flasc Mini Barrel case, plus a Flasc Barrel cover. we are not 100% set yet on pricing but expected price will be $90 Canadian. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hydrotec Paintball Info on The Catshack Reports

Fellow Ontario paintball blogger Tomcat has posted an interesting interview with the much talked about newcomer Hydrotec and their supposedly revolutionary paintballs.   Here's the link. Interesting point he gets out of Hydrotec is that they're working on glow in the dark paintballs. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Videos of RAP4 Tippmann Magazine Conversions

Just dumping these here, a few posts up tonight hopefully.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

MILSIG T8/TPX MOLLE Drop-Leg Holster Set Review

Recently, we here at Grey Ops were able to get our hands on some more MILSIG swag for evaluation and review. In this post, we'll be reviewing the T8/TPX MOLLE Tactical Holster Set, part of the MILSIG Solid Gear line.

Now, this may seem like another of Mike's infamous "overkill" reviews, but my philosophy is that the higher up the price scale something is in its category, the more in-depth a review on it should be. With more money at stake, a buyer should have as much information as they can on the product before buying it. And with this set being a "flagship" product in its class, with a flagship price to match, this review will be quite extensive.

Friday, September 24, 2010

RAP4 Magazine Conversions Released!

The (short) wait is over, while we still don't have a press release, check this out:

Are you kidding me?! Those prices are ridiculous! Needless to say I already have a conversion kit on order. Check out the RAP4 new product page for more details, I'll update this as more info comes in.

Think about it this way, Tippmann Carver One + one of these kits = $160 for a mag fed marker. I really don't care how well it performs at that point, this is going to open up the mag-fed market to so many new people. 

Release date looks to be April, with the price incrementally rising until just before the release, here's a look at what might be the Tippmann 98 conversion: 

Some Ingenuity in Perspective

This is first and foremost a paintball blog, and I tend to stay away from the topic of firearms for a few reasons, a big one being there are already some great blogs on the subject. Today's post is not so much focusing on the firearms in the story, but more the ingenuity of the individuals shown. My point being, think of the endless possibilities that could be accomplished in the paintball marker construction medium (which isn't that far away from firearm construction), if you applied the same resourcefulness shown here. Ok that's enough of that, down to the article:

"Craft Production of Weapons in the Philippines" (let me know if that link works, it's a russian page that I've translated through Google)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

MILSIG MOLLE Hydration Vest Follow-Up

A few months ago I picked up the MultiCam version of the MILSIG MOLLE Hydration Vest, part of the MILSIG Solid Gear line. Having played with it for a season now, I can say I loved it so much that I recently bought the black version (to go with my non-MultiCam loadouts). I just thought I'd throw up a couple pics of the vest, along with a couple thoughts now that I've had extensive experience with it.

Operation Ortona - Real Deal Paintball Event

Real Deal Paintball's Operation Ortona is taking place this Sunday, if you're in the National Capital Region try to make it out! I'll be there (weather and circumstances permitting), and you can prepay for the event on Real Deal's website.

As an awesome departure from the standard paintball pizza lunch, check this out: "Chicken teriyaki bowl with garlic cheese bun is a special addition to our lunch menu." Yum.

No Money November

Duct tape and plastic sheet window seen by myself on the way to Peterborough.

'Balling on a budget? Looking for gear, mods and games on the cheap? Mike and myself have you covered, and we'll be laying down a volley of posts in November focusing on providing cheap or free alternatives to common paintball items and practices. Hence, "No Money November" (har har).

MILSIG T8/TPX Double Magazine Pouch Review

As fun as the Tiberius Arms T8 is to play with, it's a real pain to find pouches designed to fit the beast's large magazines. Most pistol mag pouches for sale at Airsoft accessories retailers are meant for smaller magazines, and there's no way a T8 mag will fit in them. Even most MP5 or MP7 magazine holders are too tight to fit the T8 ones, and going a step up to M4 pouches leaves your magazines loose and flopping around.

Enter the MILSIG T8/TPX Double Magazine Pouch. It fits 2 T8 or T8.1 magazines, and alternatively can hold 4 of the smaller magazines for the Tippmann TPX pistol. The pouch is made of 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon, a durable fabric that resists water, scratches, and tearing. MILSIG offers the pouch in black, MultiCam, and Ranger Green, to suit a variety of loadouts. This review will feature the Ranger Green version.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Contour GPS

The Contour HD has been kicking around for some time now, and is known as being a go-to for documentation of various outdoor adventuring activities (e.g. paintball). Contour's new offering, the Contour GPS, does the job of the HD but tacks on a bunch of satellite-enhanced features.

Milsim Paintball FIBUA in the UK

Multicam, room-clearing and mag-fed markers abound in Anotsu's (of Milsim Empire) video of some close quarter operations in the United Kingdom:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Milsim Paintball Deals

I'm always on the lookout for milsim paintball deals but often forget to share them. To rectify that I've created a thread on Grey Ops' forum about milsim paintball (and to a lesser extent airsoft) deals. You can check it out here: Click me!

Up today, a "like new" Crosman 3357 for $250. Not the best price by far, but if it's actually like new it would be worth it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Miscellaneous Paintball Extravaganza News

Rather than updating with lots of little news stories, I'll post up in this thread with any little tidbits that I find out about Paintball Extravaganza (that I am unfortunately not attending).

Thursday Sep. 16 5pmish - New BT TM series colours

I'm really digging these new patterns, good job BT.

"Milsim" Pump - A.K.A. Connor Sells Out

Those of you that follow the blog know that I have a hate-on for ugly milsim markers. Ugly milsim markers being typical paintball markers with rails slapped on them, an anodized blackish finish, bizarre militaryish lines and ridiculous proportions. Well I've finally given in. The marker shown below follows what some might say is the same formula I described above, but I love and want it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Breaking News: Mag Fed Conversions for Tippmann Markers

You heard it here first! From RAP4's booth at Paintball Extravaganza:

Due to this being really really new, I'll be updating this page over the next couple hours, in the meantime you'll have to make do with the video.

Some Bad Ass Pants from Kitanica

Courtesy of Kitanica:

Monday, September 13, 2010

How To: DIY Ghillie Suit

Major Ghost of Milsim Team Paintball, who you may remember from a previous video about their Milsig sponsorship, was kind enough to let me post up a Ghillie Suit How-To. Everything after this sentence is in Major Ghost's words.

"Well, for starters its simple. No sewing involved if you don't want to. Costs anywhere from $40 for a "tracker" kit to around $60 for a poncho kit. You can buy already tied netting and simply cut to your shape. I complete pre-made suit is around $130, and that has the net secured to a jacket and pants.

My suits in action. Closest is the woodland and farthest is the timber pattern. The woodland suit is a jacket, pants, head cover and rifle wrap all for $70 shipped to my door. The timber suit is $135 plus shipping, but its a much nicer suit.

The Timber pattern works better in these spring photos. But the woodland works better in the summer greens.

MILSIG 20-round Magazine Now Available

Although this is probably old news to most MILSIG owners, the company has now released a 20-round magazine for its magazine-fed paintball markers. From MILSIG's own ad copy:

Mycofreak Barrel Sock + Accessories Review

Mycofreak ( is the maker of inexpensive yet high quality nylon paintball gear. Both Mike and myself use their products and they're most certainly worthy of an endorsement.

All of Mike's Mycofreak gear: Multicam APEX-sized condom, tan wishbone sling (on vest), and black wishbone sling (on CAR stock, but can loop around just about anything for a modular sling loadout).


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Update on Mk14 Mod 0 "EBR" - It's Done!

I know I said I wouldn't post anything up this weekend in my last post, but just a quick update on a previous Marker of the Month... the Mk14 Mod 0 "EBR" is now done!

Milsim Empire thread here: Click me!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Free Stuff - SAS Tippmann Giveaway

Just a quick update tonight (more meaty articles next week, catching up on some work/relaxation):

The links:

SAS Woodsball on Facebook

Proconnect on Facebook

If you read the blog, you'll know I'm a big fan of everyone involved in this, and if it means free stuff for you, you should be too!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

PVC Patches - ITS Tactical and Mil-Spec Monkey

I had never heard of PVC patches until very recently, when ITS Tactical announced their newest mini PVC patch (manufactured by Mil-Spec Monkey). PVC patches provide a super cool and three dimensional alternative to traditional patches, that won't stick/tear on velcro like ordinary stitched patches will. The guys at ITS Tactical are all really awesome and deserve to be checked out. If you like what you see, pick up some of their swag, like the patch above. 

A huge thanks goes out to Bryan from ITS for helping me out with getting the patch.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Proconnect Comic

I was bored today so I drew up a little comic for Psiworx's Proconnect. Here it is:

How To: Cheap Paintball "UAV"

What you'll need:

First off, I just want to say that this was done completely for fun, and since it was a very small investment I didn't expect nor achieve great results. What it does go to show is that anyone can make a cheap little UAV-like RC drone, and if you decided to scale this up you could probably get some great results. 

DTV Shredder

Clearly the first thing I thought of when I read Popular Airsoft's story on the new DTV Shredder is think, "This would be so awesome to play paintball on!" Well, it's good to see there are plenty of like minded paintballers out there, as I soon came across this video:

Yup, that's most definitely a Tiberius T9/T9.1 he's holding. Kick ass. You can learn more about the DTV at BPG-WERKS (Canadian company).

CCM Sniper Rifle

CCM, makers of the ridiculously awesome (yet very un-milsim) T2 have a project currently on the go that should interest any milsim paintballer.

Receiver for the CCM Sniper Rifle (in development).

Monday, September 6, 2010

Paintball Field Armor

I've been looking through this website for a few days now, and I still can't figure out what to think of it. Perhaps someone else will chime in and tell me what to think, as I'm at a loss.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tiberius T4 Aftermarket Barrel Soon to be Released + Pics

All you Tiberius T4 owners out there will be happy to know that an aftermarket marrel system will soon be available from FLASC

Here are the details: 
"Next we have the all new T4 Barrel! This is a barrel made specifically for the Tiberius T4 Marker, also 14" long and includes the same Gen2 Porting we are using in the 14" 8/9.1 barrel. and of course both of these barrels will have flasc threading at the front to allow you to take advantage of the full range of Flasc Paintball acessories, tips, extensions and more

our goal is to have these new barrels ready sometime in October!"

FLASC is known for their innovative and constantly updating barrel systems. You can check their website out here: FLASC Paintball

Friday, September 3, 2010

A-TACS Tiberius T4 - Water Transfer Printing

Warning: Extreme marker porn ahead. 

Harken back to my post on A-TACS now offering water transfer printing. For all those wanting to know if it's the right process/pattern for your marker, well look no further than what was once my all-black T4

For more information on A-TACS, check out all my pages on it, or head over to the A-TACS web page. I'll just let the images speak from themselves (i.e. I'm about to shut up), and post up what I have for now:

S-Thunder Grenade Launcher Release

As previously reported on Grey Ops, S-Thunder has developed a new easy to use grenade launcher for 40mm airsoft/paintball grenades. Also, as I previously supposed, the grip is indeed interchangeable with AR-15 grips (although there may be some compatibility issues with the rear of the grenade launcher not accepting some grips that use the rear of the lower receiver of an AR-15 as a mounting point).

Modern Warfare Tribute Video #2

Back in April, Connor posted a Modern Warfare tribute video called "Frozen Crossing". Part 2 came out in June, with the budget for it being slightly higher this time (at just over $600).

You're in for a real treat (especially with the helicopters at the end)! Enjoy.

Abridged S-Thunder Powder Landmine Review

S-Thunder Powder Spraying Airsoft Landmine Black IGG-101B

Price: $32.95 via Amazon

Options: Black or Yellow

  • Sprays powder (basically whatever you can fit in it)
  • Uses CO2 powerlets 
  • CO2 construction
Overall: Same strengths and (few) weakness of the water spraying landmine offered by S-Thunder. That means loads of fun with the mine, with the exception of being able to put powders in the mine instead of water. Use anything from powdered sugar to flour and beyond. A small plastic cap creates pressure before it pops off and the powder disperses.  As far as coverage goes, I think you'd be better served with the water spraying landmine. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reminder - D-Day at Voodoo Paintball!

Back in May, I showcased an annual Canadian D-Day event at Voodoo Paintball, in St-Etienne des Gres, Quebec.

Well, it's that time again! This Labour Day weekend, on Sunday September 5th, Voodoo will play host to hordes of Allied attackers running down the ramps of landing craft onto a sandy beach, with hordes of German defenders trying to push them back into the sea!

The first part of the game is of course the D-Day landing itself. In the aerial photo below you can see the setup of the field, with 2 "Higgins boats" (with working ramps!) at the lower right being the spawn point for the Allies. At every scheduled re-spawn, a fresh wave of re-spawning attackers streams from the boats to reinforce their fellow soldiers pinned down on the beach!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Canadian Legal .43 Markers in the Works

Notice: All the information below is subject to change.

Those of you that have read my Canadian Paintball Laws post will know that many .43 caliber paintball markers are considered replicas and thus prohibited (for good reason). In news exclusive to Grey Ops, some .43 caliber markers (including pistols) will most likely be made legally available this coming winter. The way in which this will work is much alike how some airsoft pistols are legal in Canada, the use of transparent tinted receiver parts. Expect prices to be fair, in the range that US customers typically pay for buying .43 markers in country. The company undertaking this process wants to remain anonymous. Show your support for this endeavour, and help make this a sure thing!

Here's an example of what a tinted receiver looks like on an airsoft pistol:

News From the Front: BT World Wide Game and Tactik Paintball Feature

August 21st saw the 2010 BT World Wide Game come to paintball fields across the globe, with thousands of players battling it out simultaneously. In the Ottawa-Gatineau region, the BT Big Game was held at Tactik Paintball, in Gatineau, Qc.