Thursday, June 30, 2011

Canada Day Sales - 2011

Ok, I've done my best to scope out paintball gear sales for this Canada Day, and here's what I've found:

If I've missed something, let me know!

Update (2:24 am) - 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A-TACS Condor on the Way

Condor is definitely one of the major players in the airsoft and paintball world, given their great selection and fair prices. Now the Condor line-up's got a new bedfellow, A-TACS! Here's the release:

For the past 20 years, Condor has been building feature rich Nylon gear designed with the end-user in mind. Now we are happy to announce they are adding A-TACS camo to their growing product line. With over 1,000 dealers throughout the United States and Canada and a growing base of distributors worldwide, Condor has the distribution to place and ship A-TACS camo gear virtually anywhere.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Is Paintball an Unwanted Bastard Child?

While the title of this article is clearly meant to grab your attention, it poses a serious question as to the nature and origins of paintball (as we know it). On this, the 30th anniversary of paintball, I might be somewhat of a pariah in saying this, but paintball doesn't appear to be held in as high of an esteem by its creators and original players, as it is by us (today's players). There are very few people in general that have remained active in the paintball community since its relative beginnings (although I'm fortunate enough to know a few, and I commend them), and there are many that seem simply soured to it.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Real AR (M4/M16) and G3 stocks For Your Tippmann

Paintballers that want to use cool stocks on their markers often have problems when they realize that most markers (such as the Tippmann), use their own off-spec tubes and mounts for stocks. That's all changed with a company called GIBBZ Paintball's new line of Tippmann stock accessories.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Grey Ops Swag Giveaway #1

Wow, it's been a while since Grey Ops has done a giveaway! Well let's give away some Grey Ops swag this time.

Corbett (the Crypsis mannequin) not included.

Up for grabs today:
For more info about the Grey Ops shirt click here. Grey Ops paracord wristbands are not yet available for sale, but I'll make them available soon. They're handmade with real 550 test paracord (but please don't use them to do anything stupid if you do unravel them), and use super comfortable contoured buckles.

How to win:
  1. Become a fan of Crypsis' Facebook Page.
  2. Comment on this post (in the form below) saying, "Crypsis rocks!"
  3. Profit (that was easy eh?)

Featured Field - Marked Paintball

Here at Grey Ops, we try not to make a habit of reviewing individual Paintball fields. Of course if we review or report on a specific Paintball event, naturally we'll take a quick look at the field it's held at, and feature that in the review.

Another exception is if the field itself is exceptional. In a world of pallet bunkers, trees, blue coveralls, and rental 98s, it's refreshing to see something designed to be different and fun. Like if someone converts a mothballed military base into a Paintball facility, or designs a Paintball park around a historic scenario with real dedication to detail, it deserves to be featured here. But generally we'd rather not give free publicity to fields, which would lead to bitching and moaning from others who don't get featured (or get bad reviews). There's enough drama in the Paintball world as it is.

Another exception is when a field is active in supporting a good cause, or helps out in the community. As an example, we featured JT's Frontline Paintball last year when they hosted a charity event for cancer research. This time around, I'd like to review Marked Paintball, an Ottawa-area field that's very active in their community, and which we've only mentioned occasionally in passing on Grey Ops until now.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Team Showcase - Devils Legion

Want to get your team showcased? Click here!

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Size: 14 members
Team Sponsor: Milsig Industries

"Devils Legion, Mercenaries for Hire

We are not the good guys ... We are not the bad guys...
We are the ones that get the job done when no one else can.
We are mercenaries for hire; everything has its price.
Call us the "Devil's Legion"
We leave no one behind, we leave no one standing.

Shoot For A Cause 2011 in Smiths Falls

This Saturday, police officers and Canadian Forces members will be descending en masse on the town of Smiths Falls, Ontario with guns blazing...for a good cause! And Grey Ops will be there!

The third annual Shoot For A Cause competition takes place June 25th at the Smiths Falls Fish and Game Club, from 8am to 4pm. The $30-per-participant registration fees, and any additional funds raised by participating teams, go to benefit the Military Families Fund. This charity was set up by Canadian Forces General Rick Hillier in 2007, "to assist military families faced with unforeseen and often immediate needs that have resulted due to conditions of service."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Starting Young

I found this fun video yesterday, I'm sure we'll be seeing these kids on the field using Milsim markers in ten years or so (or less I suppose, given how many young children often seem to be at paintball fields, and that's if they don't go the way of airsoft):

Monday, June 20, 2011

Team Showcase - Danger Close

Want to get your team showcased? Click here!

Name: Danger Close
Location: Ottawa, ON
Size: 20 members
Home field(s): JT's Frontline

"Danger Close is Ottawa’s newest milsim paintball squad. Started by its current CO, Tyler “Woody” Wood in November of 2010. It has rapidly grown from a few interested friends to become a multiple fire team force. The squad is loosely organized around Fire Team Leaders with a Commanding Officer in charge overall. We’re aiming at just enough structure and squad discipline to be effective on the field, but you won’t find any organizational charts or rank for its own sake. Danger Close trains regularly to become more effective at marksmanship, Fire Team and Squad-level maneuvers and because we love training!"

Team Showcase - Team OP/4

Want to get your team showcased? Click here!

Name: Team OP/4
Location: Chicago and Northwest Indiana
Size: 21 active members
Home field(s): The Mill and Red Hill

Team OP/4 is a scenario paintball team based out of the Chicago, IL / Northwest Indiana area. We are a diverse team with teen and adult members that attend many paintball scenario, CQB and big game events monthly around the Midwest area. The team was formed in 2005 with a group of friends to be the "Opposing Force" house team for the National Police Paintball Org. (N.P.P.O. for short). Since then, the team has attended multiple events and has grown in numbers.

BEAT THE HEAT: Milsim Paintball Summer Loadouts, Part 3

With summer here, and temperatures sure to reach the mid-30s at some point this season (that's Celsius for you U.S. readers), knowing how to deal with and play in the heat is important for everyone heading out to play Milsim Paintball over the coming months. Grey Ops' 3-part BEAT THE HEAT series will cover some equipment and tips for proper heat management this Paintball season.

In the first part of this series, we looked at the right kind of shirts to keep you cool while playing, while protecting you from paintball hits. In the second part, we discussed how to strip down your load-bearing equipment to avoid having your core overheat. In this final installment, I'll outline some little tips that all add up to help keep you cool, comfortable, and healthy playing Milsim Paintball this summer season.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

PenCott Spreads Its Leafy Tendrils

For all of you that have been waiting for PenCott to find its way into the public's hands, you're about to see the long awaited pattern pop up in a lot of places! Hyde Definition writes (via Facebook) that PenCott will be available through the following manufacturers: Drop Zone Tactical (Canada), Spec-Ops (Poland), SOD Gear (Italy), Kitanica (USA) and UfPro (Slovenia).

If you're a gear manufacturer and think PenCott would complement your lineup well, I'm sure it couldn't hurt to drop them a line!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flash Bang to the "Boyz"

Grey Ops occasionally spills over into less lethal posts, often when it's in terms of adapting less lethal solutions into paintball, or when its new less lethal technology related to paintball. This might be rather off the beaten track, but it's just too amusing to pass up. The Vancouver hockey riots are nothing short of embarrassing for Canada, but it looks like the local LE were well prepared to deal with it.

Observe this Vancouver hockey rioter getting his comeuppance:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Future of Paintball: Goggle HUD

Don't expect Tony Stark-esque Effects, but cool nonetheless

Disclaimer: In the Future of Paintball series, we at Grey Ops take a look at a promising new trend or technology that may affect Paintball in the near or distant future. As Futurism is a difficult science, and we don't in any way consider ourselves "Paintball Futurists", this recurring feature is for entertainment purposes only.

In a purely coincidental move, this will be the third "Future of Paintball" post that deals with paintball goggle technology. For the previous two, be sure to check out this and this.

We're all used to blasting space aliens and chasing enemy MiGs on videogame consoles with a futuristic Heads Up Display (or HUD). But have you ever thought of playing a game of paintball with a HUD? Individual HUDs are finally starting to pop up in real military applications, and given the miniaturization and eventual lowering price of any electronic over time, it's conceivable that with the next few years a commercially available paintball HUD would become commercially available.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crypsis is Live

Eeets alive!

Wanted to wait until more products got in, but it was high time Crypsis went live! So be sure to check it out at, send me some feedback (using a nice "contact us" form on the website) and keep checking back for some awesome new products on the way! I'll have to do some giveaways soon...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

People Not Wearing Mouth Protection While Playing Paintball

I don't have a problem with people hurting themselves. If you want to look like a career long hockey player and lose all your teeth go for it. What I do care about is how the behaviour of not wearing proper face protection affects our sport. So I'll quickly outline why mouth injuries are possible in paintball, then move on to the meat of the matter.

Hope your girlfriend likes the Chris Neil look.

Paintball RCXD

Very cool concept, although I had to ask a friend what an RCXD was when I watched this (I'm clearly not up to date on my videogames). Couple failings I might see would it being light up by opposing players (I doubt it could withstand 50 paintballs coming its way), and having to maintain line of sight, so you where you're "detonating" the darn thing. Nonetheless, I'm sure this would be very popular at a field!

Have any of you built something for play that's radio controlled? A tank? UAV? Drop Grey Ops a line and show off your creation.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Marine Corps Needs Sharing Lessons

"Mine!" - Sergeant Major Carlton Kent (not really, but the same in not so few words)

Army Times reports that one of the major contenders to win the United States camouflage solicitation is MARPAT, but the pattern may not necessarily have an easy victory. The Marine Corps is looking to protect its investment in MARPAT and isn't exactly champing at the bit to relinquish the pattern. What does that mean? More opportunity for smaller developers like FEAR GEAR to get their fair shake! In the end I think this little bump in the road will prompt decision makers to take a more serious look at the myriad other cool alternatives that have been proposed.

Shout out to Jon for sending the mentioned article to me!

BEAT THE HEAT: Milsim Paintball Summer Loadouts, Part 2

With summer here, and temperatures sure to reach the mid-30s at some point this season (that's Celsius for you U.S. readers), knowing how to deal with and play in the heat is important for everyone heading out to play Milsim Paintball over the coming months. Grey Ops' 3-part BEAT THE HEAT series will cover some equipment and tips for proper heat management this Paintball season.

In the first installment of this series, we discussed how most of your body heat is radiated from your core, and what kind of shirt to wear to keep yourself cool during summer games. In this article, I'll present some options for carrying your equipment that allow your torso to ventilate and stay cool.

Shedding the vest

In the summer heat, as a Milsim Paintball player the very least you could possibly do for yourself is ditching the heavy padded plate carrier and switching to a vest with a mesh base. The mesh material will allow some of your body heat to pass through, and give you some relief.

But in some cases, even a mesh vest may not be a good idea. Case in point: This is my beloved MILSIG MOLLE Hydration Vest in its usual configuration...

Monday, June 6, 2011

BEAT THE HEAT: Milsim Paintball Summer Loadouts, Part 1

With summer here, and temperatures sure to reach the mid-30s at some point this season (that's Celsius for you U.S. readers), knowing how to deal with and play in the heat is important for everyone heading out to play Milsim Paintball over the coming months. Grey Ops' 3-part BEAT THE HEAT series will cover some equipment and tips for proper heat management this Paintball season.

Your body radiates most of its heat from your core/torso, thanks to the activity of your major organs. As you play hard, muscles also create heat, which in turn warms the blood flowing through them, which then returns to your heart. This heat buildup in your core needs to be managed, and the best way to do this is to wear thinner and better-ventilated clothing to allow heat to dissipate and be carried away by your evaporating sweat.

In this first installment of Beat The Heat, we'll review what shirts are best suited for heat management. To survive a day of Paintball and play hard in brutal summer heat, at the bare minimum you should be losing the standard BDU shirt, and wearing something purposely made for hot conditions.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crypsis Update

If you don't know what Crypsis is, feel free to read this. Short story is: Crypsis is the company that I (Connor) have started, which will eventually serve as a complete camouflage solution for paintballers, airsofters, hunters and everyone else spending their weekends hiding in the bush.

Canada Post Strike:

I've tried to remain optimistic about the strike up to this point, but it looks like it's here to stay, at least for a couple weeks. Rotating strikes won't cripple Canada Post, but a full strike would. As it is not only the cheapest but also a duty free option for American customers, it was my first choice for a shipping provider. For now it will remain as such, but that may need to be re-evaluated. I've decided that I won't let it ruin my month, and the Crypsis site will hopefully go live very soon (barring any unforeseen setbacks).

Saturday, June 4, 2011

IASUS NT3 Black OPS 2 Throat Mic Review

It will be said over and over that in any situation that involves a group effort, communication will make or break you. I have seen far too many times where peoples communication equipment completely shits the bed which ultimately leads to failing at their objectives. This article is more dedicated to all of the simulators out there (airsoft, paintball, militia, etc...) so if you have no interest in any of the aforementioned, its probably best to move along. Im going to start off with a quick wiki on what a Throat Microphone is for those who don't know.

A throat microphone, also laryngophone, is a type of microphone that picks up sound directly through sensors in contact with the neck. Because of this design, it is able to pick up speech in loud environments, such as on a motorcycle or in a night club, where other types of microphones would not function well because the speech would be drowned out by background noise. This type of microphone is also able to pick up whispers and works well in an environment where one has to keep quiet while communicating with others at a distance, such as during a covert military operation. Throat microphones were also extensively used in World War II-era aircraft, and by German tank crews.[Source]

Friday, June 3, 2011

Reminder: D-Day at Voodoo Paintball this Saturday!

How time flies! The 2011 edition of D-Day at Voodoo Paintball is already here, taking place this Saturday, June 25th at the field in St-Etienne Des Gres, Quebec. Once again, hundreds of players will be gathering to storm Omaha beach as the allies, and taking a turn to play the role of the Axis defenders as well. This year the game is timed to (almost) coincide with the 67th anniversary of the real D-Day landing, which happens to be this Monday.

Those who read my News From the Front report on the 2010 D-Day event will know that this is a DO-NOT-MISS event if you're in Ottawa, Montreal, or Quebec City. Hell, for this I'd even drive out to Voodoo from the center of the universe (Toronto).

The annual D-Day game at Voodoo is huge, despite humble beginnings 5 years ago:

Of course Yours Truly will be there Saturday, among the hundreds of players now attending the event annually. If you live within driving distance, come on out and see what the game's like. You won't regret it!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New WTFPB Products - Pump and Pistol Deliciousness

If couldn't already tell, I'm a big fan of WTFPB's paintball offerings. Check out a couple very cool new items they're stocking:

I'd recently seen a rash of posts on various forums bemoaning the lack of capless pouches for pump players that were MOLLE compatible, and this is an awesome answer to that. WTFPB now stocks such a pouch in a 5 round and 10 round version.