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The Patch Panel

Activision and A-TACS

RANT WEEK 2 is coming!

Tiberius T4.1

Milsig MK-III Coming Soon!

Dye Dam - Dye's Magazine Fed Marker

New Scarab Arms Videos

Paintball Saves Australian Man's Life

Good News for DMAGS

Milsim Labs IED

PENCOTT-SNOWDRIFT Fabric now Available

A-TACS Grey Ghost Release

Special Ops Paintball Forum Back Up

FEAR Gear D1RT ACU Pictures

Paradigm Pro Now Available for Pre-Order

Milsig Fazmag

Event: Operation Rocket Science

I Spy: RAP4 Edition

Event: ISPG Malaysia Scenario (October 5th-7th 2012)

Event: Operation Honey Badger

Scarab Arms

Chinese Developed "A" Camo

Full Auto First Strike and MKP-II

Battlefield Live Ottawa

Event: Siberian 5 (4th Annual)

Plastic Bottle Launcher

Older Lenses Do in Fact Break Easier

Ugly Milsim Markers - The Worst is Yet to Come

Aurora Shooting's Paintball Connection

Goblin Deuce now Available in Black

RAP4 Videos - Patrick

Milsig Paradigm Pro 2012 Release

A-TACS Camo and Schott Performance Fabrics announce a virtual ONE STOP SHOP for A-TACS Camo fabrics and Trims; also expands A-TACS Camo fabric printing to Duro Textiles

Tiberius Arms Press Release


Paintball on ATVs

RAP4 D-Day and D-Mag Update Video

F.E.A.R. D1RT Camo Fabric Pictures

Tactical Game Innovation's ICS GLM TAG

Looking for PB Tees in Ottawa?

Tzeelim Military Base

Milsig Mondays Promotion

Crime Thwarted by Paintball Marker

Metadyne Havoc Sweetens the Deal

Camouflage in Video Games: A-TACS Xbox 360 Controller

PenCott and More PenCott

Paintball Warfare

Blue Monkey Paintball S-RAV

CCM Sniper Rifle Nearly Cosmetically Complete

On Vacation!

Paintball Marker Registration in Fredericton

CCM Sniper Rifle Updates