Thursday, March 29, 2012

RAP4 Teases us with New Summer Releases

RAP4 has teased us with some new, possibly very interesting, product releases this summer. Here's the ad copy, followed by a video showcasing some new stuff (as well as variations on some things they already carry). 

Real Action Paintball is proud to help you out-maneuver, out-gun, and out-play your opponents this summer with some all-new gear and exclusive technology. Our engineers are hard at work putting the finishing touches on technology we previewed to players and the media at the Paintball Extravaganza...including our all-new D-Mags and new mag-fed markers. We have some extraordinary new models coming soon that recreate SOCOM-configured carbines, and accept D-Mags loaded with, interchangeably, First Strike rounds and traditional paintballs. We even have new tactical gear coming your way, because we want to protect and empower you with more than just our revolutionary markers.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sport Smoke Goes Electric

*Ring ring* "Hello?"

In a rather cool move, Sport Smoke has released a line of electrically triggered smoke grenades. Already very popular in fields in North America, this opens up all sorts of cool scenario options to Sport Smoke devices. Think of how fun it would be to hook one of these up to a "bomb" you have to disarm.

Here's the ad copy:
"We are happy to announce the release of our new electrically triggered smoke grenades: the TSG-EF and BFG-EF. These electric variations of the popular Tactical Smoke Grenade and BattleField Grenade feature an integral squib designed to set off the grenade when connected to an appropriate 9 volt power source. The TSG-EF and BFG-EF are ideal for remote fire applications, hobby applications, and special effects!"
Click here for the new grenades, including pricing and purchase information.

PenCott Metropolis - An Urban PenCott?

If you're hoping for pictures of the tantalized pattern, you're out of luck, all I have is a name and even then it's not corroborated. But, in Sabre's (see this post) .pdf catalogue, the company lists a pattern called PenCott Metropolis. Here's the excerpt:

Interesting? I'd say so.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Vice Magazine Paintballs with Hizbullah

Renters always look like renters, no matter who they are the world over apparently. 
Source: Vice Magazine

If you're familiar with Vice Magazine, it should come as no surprise to you that they wanted to play paintball with Hizbullah. They used to offer free copies in a record store in Ottawa, and I remember picking up one issue that included a lot of content in this vein. Long story short, they ended up actually accomplishing their goal, and beyond the controversy that entails, you have to admit that these journalists have serious balls. You wouldn't catch me going into an underground paintball complex in Beirut to play with a bunch of cheating (yes, they cheat) terrorists who have no qualms with using pyrotechnics during gameplay. What's more terrifying is they call them out on their cheating. 

Read the full story here. Vice used to offer free subscriptions if you wrote them a letter, but now they appear to charge for a yearly subscription.

Specops PenCott Update

Info courtesy of Lawrence Holsworth.

Specops, of Poland, has developed some pretty awesome PenCott enpatterned (it's a word cause I say so, deal with it) clothing. On another note, apparently Polish forces have been testing clothing made by Specops in PenCott patterns in Afghanistan.

CCM SR1 Update

CCM has uploaded a video preview of their SR1 platform, showing how individual shells can be loaded and extracted. Check it out:

Love that sound.

CCM has stated that basically anything can fit inside the shells, including first strikes, regular paintballs, large nerf darts, and the the scenario dreams sniper rounds. Still no word on ETA, final pricing or other details, it still seems very much like a "it's done when it's done" project for CCM.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ugly Milsim Markers - Exterminate All Rational Design

Wow, it's been a while since I've done an Ugly Milsim Marker post, I've almost missed it. Up on the chopping block today is (drumroll please)...

The Planet Eclipse Etha! That's right, Planet Eclipse has clearly been reading some of these posts, and noticed that I tend to speak of a lot of speedball markers with rail systems slapped on them. To be ironic (oh you hipsters, you) they quite literally just took some rails and have put them in a package so you can slap them on your marker (specifically the Etha, which is already a standard marker in their lineup). To quote their ad copy, "Kick Ass!".

And yes, you may have noticed that they so deftly placed a red dot sight behind the hopper. I hear that's to improve your reloading ability, so you can view exactly where the hopper is without parallax error, thereby avoiding those big paint spills we see so often on the speedball field.

Tiberius T8.1 Remote Air Adaptor Now Available

A long awaited accessory, the Tiberius Arms Air Adaptor for the T8.1 allows T8.1 users with a marker in the >2000 serial number range to attach a remote line to their pistol. Still no news about the long talked about (supposedly less expensive) powerlet-free magazines, which would make this newly released accessory far more useful. MSRP appears to be somewhere around the $30 USD mark.

SABRE® Introduces PenCott Camouflage Clothing and Gear

Non-blog-related workload has temporarily waned, so time to get back on track and catch up on some posting. Hyde Definition has some interesting news for those interested in PenCott BDUs, check it out:

"SABRE® is the tactical clothing and equipment line brand from renowned German defence and law enforcement solution provider, JK Defence & Security Products GmbH. The SABRE brand offers military and law enforcement customeres a full range of operationally-proven products for all climates, environments, and duties.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SAS Woodsball Ottawa Game

The gents at SAS Woodsball wanted to pass on some details of a game they'll be having in Ottawa's East end, check it out:
Carnage Paintball Milsim Scenario day“The beginning of the End”29th of April 2012 10:00 AM
The Coalition of Freedom Fighters has turned against the government of their homeland Kochia to bring power to the people. In hopes to secure their country from a civil war the Kochian government has acquired assistance from the World Order Operators.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hades 70mm Mortar Now Available in Canada

A while ago I blogged about the Hades Arrow 70mm Mortar, and those that ogled over it will be happy to know that it is now available through, check it out:

Now who's going to buy me one?

G&G M.I.T.

G&G has revealed a pretty cool chronograph/tracer unit at this year's IWA, check out the video below.

This kind of module would probably do pretty well in the paintball market, although its been a while since anyone's successfully sold a paintball tracer unit.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Hangover's Eve

Happy St. Patrick's Day all, which also happens to mark the first day of amazing spring weather in Eastern Ontario, thereby unofficially opening paintball season. Sláinte!

Thursday, March 15, 2012 Now Live is now live! Head on over and check out their website, a repository for magazine-fed info and more. While you're at it, like them on Facebook so you can stay abreast of mag-fed goings on down South. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SAR12 Betuhhh Testing

Not too long ago, I was using the series of tubes commonly known as the internet, when my inbox was graced by an email from the marketing arm of Carmatech. I had previously been in contact with them, but the interesting news is I was asked if I wanted to be part of their Beta testing team. Upon saying I was interested, I received an information packet describing what exactly that entails. Here are two excerpts from what I was sent:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Milsig Brand Website

Milsig has launched a new brand website (for retail, look elsewhere), and you can check it out here. Pretty slick production overall, and I'm passing on the message that they're aware of the presence of a couple of bugs.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Milsim Questions: "I Want to Play with Mag-Fed Markers, but Nobody in my Area Uses Them"

This week on Grey Ops, I'm going to be running a "Milsim Questions" series, addressing common or notable questions that crop up amongst new players. If you have suggestions as to what questions to address, feel free to leave a comment below any of the posts, and I'll see if I can do something with it.

With magazine fed and limited capacity paintball on the up and up, I'm growing very tired of one often repeated phrase that I keep hearing, and have heard for a few years now. That phrase is: "I'd love to play limited capacity/mag-fed paintball but nobody in my area plays with mag-fed markers."

Artsy MCM K1 Photos

Modern Combat manufactured has posted the following photos on their Facebook page. Are any of Grey Ops' readers actually buying this thing? 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dangerous Power Milsim Marker

Found these pics on the X7OG, but can't find the original PBN thread they are referring to, check it out:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Playboy Model with Milsig Paintball Markers Photos

You know you've made it as a brand when you have pictures of your product with a Playboy watermark on them.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Milsig's Jacky Expounds Upon the M17

SAS-Necro has sent me the following video, watch it now:

Things to note:

  • Pneumatically achieved full auto
  • No lame safety shots before full auto
  • Accepts real AR front ends
  • Accepts real AR pistol grips
  • The first strike magazine Milsig has developed has a 10 round capacity
  • Shoots between 10-30bps

Max Boom to be Produced by Lapco

Remember this? Well Weltman, the guy behind the Max Boom (literally and figuratively), has confirmed that Lapco will be manufacturing the Max Boom, with a release date sometime this fall. Apparently there was a Max Boom at PBE, but the only picture of it I've seen is on this Facebook wall. Better start saving up!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Prince Charles with a Paintball Marker

The Daily Mail has published some photos of Prince Charles shooting from the hip with a paintball marker, check it out: