Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Plastic Bottle Launcher

In much the same vein as the Hades Arrow Mortar, the Marudai RPG-7 PET Bottle Launcher uses the power of water to propel ordnance towards the intended target. Where it differs, is that instead of a purpose-built payload it fires a standard 2L PET bottle (with included fins and tip). Pretty damn cool if you ask me. Perhaps not for firing in a game (as a 2L PET bottle would probably knock someone out at close ranges if it was fairly full), but certainly just for fun it would be a great toy. The roughly $400 price tag puts a bit of a damper on that.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Older Lenses Do in Fact Break Easier

Recently Paul and Andrew of Luckygunner.com did a comprehensive ballistic evaluation of various lenses to determine their integrity etc. While this may initially seem to only hold merit for other situations (involving live fire etc.), parts of it are extremely relevant when it comes to paintball goggles. Here's an excerpt:
"Every pair of older eye protection absolutely failed to stop basic “threats” which were stopped by comparable eye protection of newer manufacture or less use.
The highest quality example of the “older” group was the ESS goggle, which passed all military ballistic testing and which I personally wore in Iraq for almost all of 2006. ESSgoggles and glasses were in use by nearly every Marine and Sailor in the area, and I constantly saw how effective they were.
Even so, age – and constant exposure to UV rays from sunlight – takes its toll on polycarbonate eye protection. For this reason, I would avoid using eye protection that is more than a few years old and/or has seen a lot of sunlight. Knowledgeable military sources informed me that the life cycle of military eye pro is expected to be six months."

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ugly Milsim Markers - The Worst is Yet to Come

Will I truly never run out of ammunition for this article series?!

The above picture is an unconfirmed "Tactical" Bob Long G6R, and it is quite possibly the epitome of everything I've posted about concerning Ugly Milsim Markers. The top rail is so useless you couldn't fit anything at all on it, the rails on the side serve no tangible function, and as far as crappy CAR stocks go this one is pretty crappy. And by and large, that's it. No other real redesign appears to have taken place. I thought that the Etha kit was junk, but compared to this it actually looks attractive.

Given how expensive Bob Long markers typically are, the really ugly part of this marker may be the price (once it's released). And yet, I'm sure people will buy it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Aurora Shooting's Paintball Connection

When any tragic event occurs, we find ourselves asking how such a terrible thing could happen. It's a coping mechanism of sorts that blame or onus shifts to peripheral and occasionally irrelevant facets of the perpetrators of heinous crimes.

Unfortunately, paintball is prime fodder for that responsibility shift, and it has entered the limelight that surrounds the horrendous shooting in Aurora Colorado. And as always, the mass media has found a link to innocuous pursuits and the accused.

However in this case the link is truly ridiculous. The connection is a poster for a Derder (speedball) DVD showcasing a season of professional paintball. That's it.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Goblin Deuce now Available in Black

It's been a while since we've heard from Goblin Paintball, so it's nice to know that they're still in the game! The latest release from Goblin is the Deuce in black, and hopefully we'll be seeing more things from them soon.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

RAP4 Videos - Patrick

Patrick, a relatively new face to RAP4, has been doing an amazing job with recent promotional videos for the brand. This combined with their better video quality means that their channel really deserves more attention than it's getting!

Here are a couple choice videos that have been released recently:

Keep up the great work Patrick! Now somebody just needs to update the aesthetic of the RAP4 main page!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Milsig Paradigm Pro 2012 Release

The details of Milsig Paradigm's successor, the Paradigm Pro, have been announced as well as some awesome pictures of the new marker. Check it out:

"In 2009, MILSIG released a marker that exceeded the expectations of MILSIM Paintball fans everywhere. Realistic looking, solidly built, durable, and extremely accurate; this legendary marker was known as the Paradigm. MILSIG raises the bar even higher with the release of the 2012 Paradigm PRO. This completely new version of the Paradigm is lighter, more efficient, more accurate, and even more realistic than the original; a tour de force showcase of MILSIG's innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A-TACS Camo and Schott Performance Fabrics announce a virtual ONE STOP SHOP for A-TACS Camo fabrics and Trims; also expands A-TACS Camo fabric printing to Duro Textiles

This is pretty awesome news for anybody wanting to make their own geat in A-TACS (or making your own gear in general). From DCS:

"A breakthrough opportunity for manufacturers of all sizes utilizing A-TACS Camo is now available. Due to high demand and to assist smaller manufactures who do not require large quantities of production fabric, Schott Performance Fabrics is now set up to take orders and distribute less than Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) on all A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG Camo fabrics. For domestic and international manufacturers requiring larger quantities of fabric, the ordering process will remain the same, simply contact Denise Barrick by phone toll free at: 877-720-4545 or by e-mail at: dbarrick@schottfabrics.com.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tiberius Arms Press Release

Courtesy of Eric Bratten of Tiberius Arms:

"Tiberius Arms acquires Guerrilla Air!

Fort Wayne, IN (July 2, 2012) - Tiberius Arms has acquired Guerrilla Air, a manufacturer and distributor of high quality air systems and accessories for the paintball market from YSN Imports, Inc. The full line of Guerrilla Air products, including Myth, G2, Rbel, and Rvolution regulators, Cobra Coil remotes, and Pro Series fill nipples and burst disks will be immediately integrated into the Tiberius Arms offering.

Regarding the deal Sam Newman, president of YSN stated; "I am very excited that Guerrilla Air will now be part of Tiberius Arms, a leader in paintball that will allow
Guerrilla Air to continue bringing high performance and innovative air systems to the paintball community. We share the same vision of making the paintball experience more edgy and enjoyable than ever before.”

Eric Bratten, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tiberius Arms commented, “Adding Guerrilla Air’s core product line of air systems helps the market penetration of Tiberius Arms unique markers, First Strike projectiles, and accessories.  This acquisition also allows us to bring to market high-impact merchandising programs and create new revenue opportunities for our dealer and distributor network. Improving product availability, minimizing freight and overhead costs, and maximizing margins, is our key goal.  Tiberius Arms centralized support and distribution center will provide the ideal location to service customers and grow the Guerrilla brand.”

Visit www.guerrillaair.com or www.tiberiusarms.com for more information. 
Contact Tiberius Arms at 260.478.2500 or by email at sales@tiberiusarms.com.
Visit us on Facebook."