Past attempts on my part to arrange advertising in exchange for charitable donations did not work out well due to lack of participation, and other means of arranging advertising have all been laborious and inelegant. To rectify this, I've registered through adBrite (a well known and respected ad auctioning website) to sell banners on Grey Ops on a CPM (cost per mille, being rate per 1000 impressions) basis. If you're interested in advertising on Grey Ops, now all you need is a credit card and a couple minutes of your time.

Current ads available are (click):
  • All ads are unlisted on adBrite, so only those truly interested in advertising to Grey Ops' audience will receive space. 
  • No animated banners will be accepted.
  • No format other than a picture (ie movie, java, flash) will be accepted.
  • No profane, inappropriate or injurious pictures will be accepted.
  • Advertisers on Grey Ops accept that they will have no bearing or effect on the content, direction or opinions of the writers of Grey Ops or of Grey Ops as a whole. Any attempts to do so will not be acquiesced.
Where does advertising money on Grey Ops go? It goes towards upkeep, contests and other miscellaneous costs that come with running the website. Any surplus will be put towards the website's content or features, and/or a charitable donation. Given that a surplus (or par) has yet to be achieved by Grey Ops due to the contests we like to run, that may not happen. Feel free to email me if you have any further questions.