Thursday, June 28, 2012


I just realized that I had never plugged ebairsoft (or as it used to be known, eBaybanned, which I much prefer) before, and I truly have to rectify that!

Yes, it's a lot of cloned Chinese products, but amongst all the sites that sell cloned Chinese products, ebairsoft is well above the pack. That's not only in product selection, but also in: prices, shipping (free and it doesn't take very long at all) and customer service (they rarely screw up, and I've never heard of them not making things right for anyone). 

Beyond that, they're also wildly popular and have been for years, so chances are there's a review for the product you're on the fence about. I've seen and heard mixed things from their apparel, but they have great airsoft/paintball related accessories, and they have a lot of house brand goods (G) that I've heard fairly good things about. 

It's great to buy local, but often times stores will take ebairsoft products and put a huge mark up on them in Canada, so be sure to check out the site before you buy (and hey, you can always ask the dealer to reduce the price and make it reasonably similar to the price you'll find from their Chinese store). 

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