Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Green and Tan

One thing that I've always liked about how airsoft games are organized is that teams are typically asked to wear either predominately green or tan (and respective variations) uniforms when playing, so as to eliminate confusion during play (friend or foe identification). What I've never understood is why we (as milsim/woodsball/scenario paintballers) don't carry that over into paintball. Armbands are a good system, and make things very easy for rentals or people that didn't expect to play that day, but I have yet to see a milsim paintball scenario adopt green/tan rules during registration. The rule normally applies to uniforms only (you can wear accoutrements in whatever colour you like), and most people I know that have been playing paintball with a milsim flavour for 1-2+ years have a few sets of uniforms just lying around, so it sounds like it would be easy enough. So come on field owners and event organizers, let's see someone try a green and tan rule paintball game! If you do, Grey Ops will be sure to showcase it.

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