Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blue Monkey Paintball S-RAV

While certainly not the first ones to create a paintball RC vehicle, the gents at Blue Monkey Paintball have created a nice polished little package called the S-RAV that they would appear to be selling (or selling in the near future).

The S-RAV features:
  1. Rapid Deployment
  2. Pan, Tilt, and Fire turret
  3. Separate drive and turret cameras
  4. High Torque, Comfortable Speed, Stable Platform
  5. Light enough to carry, tough enough for scenario paintball
  6. q-loader™ custom loading system
Love those wheels, reminds me of my old Tonka trucks.

The tech specs are as follows:
Endurance: 1.25 hours (Continuous full throttle, 4000mAh 30C li-po)
Video Range: 300 ft (LOS) 100ft (obstructed)
Length: 23"
Width: 14"
Height: 18"
Weight: 8.5 lbs fully loaded
Lateral Tip-Over Angle: 45°
Turret Cam: NTSC standard resolution, standard view angle
Drive Cam: NTSC standard resolution, wide view angle
Loading System: q-loader™ custom loading system
Shot Count: 50 rounds per 16g cartridge, 100 rounds per q-pod™

Warning, dubsteb ahead.

Best of luck guys! Hope I see an S-RAV on the field soon!

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