Friday, May 11, 2012

Paintball Marker Registration in Fredericton

A bit of old news that I haven't seen anyone talk about (which is odd as you'd think it would make the rounds in our community), is that the city of Fredericton (as the Montreal Gazette reports) has instituted a mandatory registry for "anything that shoots a projectile by means of compressed air, spring or mechanical means. That covers pellet and paintball guns and, in theory, even such toys as Nerf guns." This bylaw, bylaw S-5, applies only to the municipality of Fredericton.

I try to avoid politics as much as possible on Grey Ops, so I'd love to hear you guys weigh in with your opinions of the bylaw. Here's a link to the offical document if anyone's interested. I'd be particularly interested to know if any of our East coast readers have come into direct contact with the bylaw, and what their opinion is.

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