Sunday, September 16, 2012

Good News for DMAGS

From Omar Macy:
"Now that we have Reached an agreement with Carmatech about patent we have resumed production
It will take several days to a week to asses where our suppliers are in their manufacturing capacity before we can give a release date Once all suppliers are booked so to speak
It will further take about a month to manufacture the massive numbers of components that are necessary in order to keep the prices of the DMAGS as close to the number projected
We will give a release date only when we have Confirmations from all manufacturers that they have finished their respective productions and are ready to provide tracking numbers
This will be the only way to have an accurate DMAG release date any other way would just be best guess
Thank you for your understanding
While no details have been (and probably never will be) released about the agreement between RAP4 and Carmatech, this is probably good news for all parties involved, especially for the consumers eagerly awaiting cheap magazines.

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