Friday, September 14, 2012

PENCOTT-SNOWDRIFT Fabric now Available

I've been long anticipating the release of PenCott's Snowdrift, and am super pumped to see people start making awesome clothing suited for Canucks in the pattern now that it has been released! Here's the press release from Hyde Definition:

We are very pleased to announce that our PenCott-Snowdrift camouflage pattern is now available to order on the first of three planned fabric types. 
The current fabric is a lightweight, packable, quick-drying and water-resistant 100% polyester shell fabric. We are using the same fabric, finish and nIR spec as used by the US Marine Corps snow camouflage over-suit. 
As with all of our other products, this fabric is printed by Duro Industries in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA – and orders are shipped from their warehouse. 
FABRIC specifications:
Construction: 108 warp / 94 fill
Weight: 4.40 linear yards per pound
Fiber Content: 100% Polyester
Features: water resistant, quick drying
Finished Width: 62” 
Due to popular demand, the next 2 fabrics that we will produce in this pattern are Quarpel-treated 50/50 NyCo ripstop and DWR-finished and Urethane-backed 500D Cordura nylon.
Watch out for some great products from our partners to hit the market soon!

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