Thursday, January 31, 2013

Helikon-Tex à la PenCott

From Helikon-Tex's Facebook page comes the announcement that they will be producing uniforms in the PenCott camouflage family:
"[ENG] Combat Patrol Uniform™ (CPU™) is the first to be produced in PenCott™ camo. After that Combat Shirt, Bonnie Hat and BBC Cap will come. In Q3/Q4 2013 we plan to release a new Parka. More information about our cooperation with Hyde Definition available on
CPU™ Pencott™ will make its debut on IWA 2013."
No word on what variants will be released initially, but it's a fair bet (supposition) it will (hopefully) be the triad of GreenZone SandStorm and Badlands.

You can also read about the news here on Hyde Definition's website.

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