Monday, September 26, 2011

Resealable Paint Bags

If you're going to market your paint towards both speedball players and a limited-ammo style crowd (such as many milsim players and organizations), take a page out of Dye's book!

The Catshack Reports' report on some new Dye Paintballs got me excited for all the wrong reasons (from Dye's marketing point of view). I tend to ignore speedball ad copy as it doesn't pertain to my interests, but the words self standing, resealable, and airtight really caught my eye when they talked about their bags.

I'd love something like this, as I use only a fraction of a bag every game, and rarely use more than 3/4 of a bag during a day's play, so keeping my few paintballs relatively pristine is always a concern.

Now if only Dye could break the GI Sportz (no link, I refuse to link to that company any longer) stranglehold on the Ottawa region...

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