Friday, September 16, 2011

Riot Ready AKA LLL (Lazy Less Lethal)

There's definitely some oddball and downright laughable technology being marked as "less lethal" technology on the internet. But Riot Ready's BFG might just take the cake.

In case you're wondering, yes, that's just a rebranded Bob Long M-TAC. Probably the only less lethal device with a non-functional magazine integrated into the design. In an age where companies such as Tiberius Arms create .68 caliber less lethal systems from the ground up to be less lethal devices (or at least perfectly adapted to both paintball and less lethal usage), it's pretty mind blowing to see something this (for lack of a better word) misappropriated. Not to mention, it's just overkill (if Tippmann blowbacks with gravity fed hoppers are good enough for Israeli commandos performing boarding operations, they're probably good enough for just about everyone). Now it is possible that this system is effective and perfect for the job, I'm definitely not in the position to say whether it would be or not, but it seems rather silly to me. If

But perhaps not as silly as the BFG Light Riot Ready also offers...

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