Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ugly Milsim Markers - The Worst is Yet to Come

Will I truly never run out of ammunition for this article series?!

The above picture is an unconfirmed "Tactical" Bob Long G6R, and it is quite possibly the epitome of everything I've posted about concerning Ugly Milsim Markers. The top rail is so useless you couldn't fit anything at all on it, the rails on the side serve no tangible function, and as far as crappy CAR stocks go this one is pretty crappy. And by and large, that's it. No other real redesign appears to have taken place. I thought that the Etha kit was junk, but compared to this it actually looks attractive.

Given how expensive Bob Long markers typically are, the really ugly part of this marker may be the price (once it's released). And yet, I'm sure people will buy it.

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