Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Event: Operation End War

While browsing through the new releases section of RAP4's website, this item caught my attention. After some digging, I discovered that RAP4 is organizing a potentially large scale mag fed only game. The event will be hosted at T.A.G. on... well I couldn't find the date (Event will run Oct. 2nd to 3rd). Which is only one of the reasons that I'm a bit skeptical of how successful this event will be. The other being that this was announced almost a week ago, but this is the first I've heard anything about it. That's really too bad, because I think a big mag fed only game would be awesome (it's also too bad that it's in Northern California and I'm in Eastern Ontario).

All additional information can be found right here.


  1. Hi Connor

    The Date for this Huge event will be Oct 2-3, 2010. There will be onsite camping availible. We are also trying to book a special price at a local hotel for the event. More Details as they are announced can be fount on our forum at www.RAP4.com

  2. The game is going to run $100.00. This includes a T68 rental package. (If you bring your own marker, you will get a voucher for the store.)Also, .43 caliber RAP4, RAP5, etc will be allowed.

  3. Thanks for the details guys! Nice to see you commenting on the blog :)

  4. Thanks for the info. I have been interested in getting a rap4 but haven't found many reviews on it. Frankly, this gun seems like the perfect entry-level gun for someone who's serious. 5 year warranty means the resale value should hold up, and the ruggedness plus improved stability from air system seems to make the single-shot well worth it. But, everyone loves the freakin' tippmann's or Mil-sigs what am I missing? Right now Rap4 is $399 "on sale" so perhaps the price was high before? I prefer more accurate shots than more shots, but I'm not a pro either lol.

  5. Thanks for the comment! Why don't you shoot me an email, and we can talk shop re T68s Milsigs etc.

    Email: Connor@greyops.net


  6. New updated information on Operation Endwar at