Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tacamo Lives

Tacamo has made a return of sorts, with distribution of the well known AK-47 markers being handled by RAP4. The prices appear to have risen a fair amount, but this may be the price to pay for Tacamo sticking around. It wasn't too long ago that the Action Gear Canada rebranded Tacamos were selling new for dirt cheap, but I'm unable to find an FX for under $200.00 Canadian now.

If any of you are unfamiliar with the Tacamo line, here's a vid of Hitman Stan shooting a few rounds through one: (don't try and navigate to his website at the end, it's no longer operational)

Coincidentally, if anyone (in Canada) wants a good deal on a Tacamo marker, you should consider this: Tacamo Marker @ Canadian Paintball. It's not a static page though, and the markers are in short supply, so go quick or the deal will soon be gone.


  1. As of February 3rd, Amero Paintball still carries the FX3 version (the one in the video). I bought an FX3 from them last summer, and although it's cool to run around the field with a somewhat authentic-looking AK, the quality of these markers leaves a lot to be desired. The bolt assembly on mine jams fairly frequently, requiring re-cocking at some really inconvenient moments. The fold-under stock doesn't lock very securely, and both it and the front shroud and goose-neck tend to rattle a bit when the marker's shaken. On the plus side though, despite other people having a lot of problems with chopping, I can only remember mine chopping one ball over the numerous times I used it this summer. It makes for a decent "bad guy" gun for scenario play (Viet Cong, Soviets, Terrorists, Guerillas), but I don't think I'd ever use it as my primary.

    By the way, love the blog Connor!

  2. Thanks for the comment Mike! Hope we get to play together soon. :) How was the trip to CQB? P.S. Have you heard about CQB's new outdoor field?

  3. CQB was amazing. We got a tour of the outdoor field from the owner! In fact, J might have some pics he took of the place for you to post up.