Monday, January 18, 2010

Lapco Big Shot Assault Review

Barrel: Lapco Big Shot Assault

Price: $70.99-82.99 US from Lapco Paintball

Options: A-5, Cocker, Ion, Spyder, T-98 or TPX threading. 8" (TPX), 10", 14" or 16" barrel. 8 different thread-on tips available from Lapco, and more from other manufacturers. .687 or .690 bore.

Specs: Aluminium construction, anodized matte black. Threading on tip for add-ons with friction o-ring. Front porting on last inch or so. Straight bore.

My add-ons: I normally use the bird cage tip, but I also have a mock silencer that is able to thread on to the barrel tip.

Pros: Great anodized finish and a super smooth interior. Threaded tips, including an Apex and a Dishka, provide room for aesthetic and performance upgrades. Any Lapco, Hammerhead or Milsig tip can fit the barrel. Three different sizes.

Cons: Single piece barrel system and only two bore sizes means it's harder to match paint. A little bit on the heavy side.

Overall: While you'll probably never see a Big Shot Assault on a performance speedball marker, it's perfect for the typical milsim marker. The plethora of tips allows you to complement your milsim loadout perfectly. Like any big aluminum barrel, it's heavy, and you should keep this in mind if you're adding it to a marker that is already weighty. It shoots like any other straight bore barrel, and seems to be built to last.

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