Thursday, February 18, 2010


S-Thunder is a new Hong Kong based company, focusing on replica/milsim paintball/airsoft markers and accessories. Some companies (unmentioned, but my guess would be RAP4, Umarex etcetera) have already purchased S-Thunder merchandise and sell it under their own branding, but soon all members of the public will be able to purchase S-Thunder merchandise.

Some interesting items mentioned include a rechargeable CO2 cylinder (with the same fill mechanism as airsoft grenades or the Goblin Solo shells) that could bridge the gap between in-stock HPA (refillable but bulky) and in-stock CO2 (non-refillable but small enough to use regular stocks), a sniper rifle marker, and get this... a double barrel shotgun marker.

A slightly warped view of the rechargeable CO2 cylinder:
Below are a few of their initial demo videos for their new products:

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