Saturday, February 20, 2010

RAP4 T68 Barrett Sniper Marker

Yesterday, RAP4 announced their new RAP4 T68 50 Caliber Sniper Marker (shoots .68 caliber paintballs). Here's a short video detailing the marker:

I like the overall look of the marker and really like the cocking action, but  find the mag system a bit odd. While it makes sense to use the standard T68/Milsig magazines, the 18 round mags stick out the bottom of the aesthetic magazine. Another plus is the ability to fit a 13/3000 tank right in the stock, as it would suck to have a remote line attached to this monster when you lug it around the field.


  1. Beautiful marker. It's nice to see paintball markers getting to the level of realism of airsoft guns. I'm just wondering how many barrel breaks one would get with that 1-metre barrel though!

  2. Indeed it makes sense to use the T68 mags... However I am disappointed that they did not seize the opportunity of this rather large magazine to increase round capacity or even better: make it First Strike compatible...