Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Project: Foymount

As a result of my cabin fever due to the infamous Canadian winter, my mind has turned to paintball pipe dreams. That, combined with my love for abandoned locales/ghost towns turned my thoughts to where would be a great place to play some urban milsim paintball. Immediately, the town of Foymount, Ontario was brought to mind, as I had made a trip to the eerily picturesque town this past summer.

Built as an RCAF Station during the 50s, Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Foymount was designed as a radar facility to counter possible Soviet incursions during the Cold War. Foymount is the highest point in Ontario (a whopping 500 meters above sea level...), and was thus perfect for early detection purposes. However, the station became obsolete in the 1970s, and has become what some dub a ghost town (it is not my intent to call it that, as there are people who still live in the Foymount area, and they certainly wouldn't appreciate such a title). 

Since the exodus of the vast majority of the area's population, many of the building and former station facilities have been sold to private parties. While it's just a fancy at this point, I'd like to contact some of these parties, or the Canadian Forces, and see if it would be possible to play paintball in some of the building/environs.

Here are some things to consider about this idea:
  • There are a ridiculous amount of unused building that would be perfect for CQB play, including 65 houses, a school, medical and dental facilities, a recreation room with a gym, swimming pool, general store, post office" (Ghost Town Pix)
  • A good location to meet up for those in Ottawa/Toronto and anywhere in between
  • Proximity to towns for recreation pre/post games
  • Possible danger from buildings in disrepair
  • Would require to transport scuba tanks for fill purposes
  • Anyone letting paintballers use the building would have to deal with the mess that comes with paint slinging
  • A huge part of this would be contact with the Foymount community, and being mindful of their presence

Preliminary plan for how to go about this venture:
  • Obtain permission from owner of buildings used
  • Contact Canadian Forces and inform them of intent/see if they own any of the buildings still and would be willing to let us use them
  • Contact OPP and inform them of our intent
  • Ask OPP and Canadian Forces if they would like to become involved in the venture in a formal or informal manner
  • Broadcast intent on milsim forums/websites
  • Contact paintball fields that may be interested in making this more than a grassroots playing area, although it may be that it would be best to keep it small
  • Find a building inspector who would be able to check out any building that would be used

For more pictures of CFS Foymount, check this website out.

If you would like to help make this a possibility or share some information you have on Foymount, please comment or shoot me an email at


  1. As you mention, one stumbling block to getting approval would be the mess (as no one wants their buildings "slimed"). One way around this would be to restrict paintballs used to clear ones containing water. I remember seeing RAP4 selling these a while ago, and there must be a Canadian distributor somewhere.

    One thing I didn't see mentioned is civil liability. Just as someone coming to your door can sue you if they hurt themselves on your property by tripping, etc, the owners of the Foymount properties would be concerned about being liable for injuries among the players. It might be wise to find out how much it would cost to insure such an event, and have players kick in a share of the cost.

  2. I like the photo of the empty parking lot. It really captures something.