Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kanuck's Custom Kreations

Operating via the X7OG, operator Kanuck (not a Canadian) creates custom Cordura gear from a multitude of different camouflage patterns. His build quality is excellent and his prices are fair. At this time, his services are only available to the Operator's Group community, but he has a public website in the works.

Needing some CADPAT MOLLE gear, I turned to Kanuck, and he provided me with three 12 gram panels (two vertically oriented and one horizontally) which allows me to carry 10 round tubes and 12 gram powerlets in my preferred configuration (as seen above).

In addition to the aforementioned panels, I also procured a MOLLE tank pouch, which fits my Myth'd 68/45 perfectly. As soon as the K.C.K. goes live, I'll be sure to update everyone.


  1. Thanks for the blogpost, sir!

  2. Just outta curiosity, what piece of equipment do you use the 18650 cell for? Tac light?

  3. You're very welcome Sean!

    And I use the 18650 for my "Solarforce" light (Surefire 6P knock-off). I'll probably blog about it and other Solarforce products soon, but I need to get a comparison pic with Pat's 6P first.