Saturday, March 13, 2010

Milsig Fast Mag Review

Based on the real M4 Fast Mags, Milsig's Fast Mag is a MOLLE mountable mag pouch that holds one Milsig magazine. The selling point for this pouch is the ease of removal of the magazine, and the ability to hold magazines in an upward or downward fashion.

The clamshell design uses pressure from an elastic band and friction from internal rubber parts to securely hold the magazine in place. A small bungee cord with a nylon pull tab provides added security for downward facing magazines.

As far as construction goes, the plastic portions seem more than sturdy enough to stand up to regular paintball play. However, the clasps on the bottom of the Fast Mag do not seem very secure. In fact, one of the four pouches I originally received already had a clasp broken, and I have spoken with others who have had the same problem out of the box.

The mounting of the Fast Mags to my MOLLE system was simple. At this point, I noticed that the colour of the product is a bit off. While marketed as Olive Drab, it appears to be more of a Ranger Green to me. There is a pretty big range of what is considered to be OD, but these definitely lie outside of that. Pictured below is a couple of the Fast Mags on my CADPAT vest.

The pouches seem easy to use, and I found myself able to draw my mags very quickly. The magazines may need to be wiggled a bit to come out, but it's still easier than opening a flap to draw your magazine. A drawback to using these instead of a regular pouch is the need for a dump pouch, as it is way too inconvenient to jam your magazines back in the Fast Mag after use.


  1. I have two of these, They go on my side and I use them when I am in a position I cannot draw from my pouch or need to draw in a hurry. Also, off field. I stick any jammed up mags in there that require cleaning. : ).

  2. Thanks for the comment Shroker. How have your mags stood up to play? Mine have withstood the hits they've taken so far, but I worry that they may break with continued play.

    BTW, I checked out your blog (, you got some cool stuff up there. I've become a follower.