Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marker of the Week - Premiere

The first weekly feature for Grey Ops, every Thursday I will upload pictures/details of a user-modified/created or custom-made milsim paintball marker of note.

This week:

The Cheytac M200 A5-"Last Breath"

Created by AirH0g of Hog's Den as a one of a kind marker for Will Conlee (a.k.a. dbug) of Conlee Custom Camo in 2008 and then duracoated by Will, the Last Breath is breathtaking (no pun intended).

  • 10 round spring feed 
  • Collapsible stock 
  • 22" barrel 
  • 180 psi operating pressure 
  • Pneumatic trigger 
  • Closed bolt operation
For build pictures, click here.


  1. Most definitely outstanding custom ever made...
    Having it mag fed would have made it reach 10/10...
    Kudos to AirH0g

  2. A mag fed version would definitely take the cake. Thanks for the comment Kepone!