Thursday, March 22, 2012

SABRE® Introduces PenCott Camouflage Clothing and Gear

Non-blog-related workload has temporarily waned, so time to get back on track and catch up on some posting. Hyde Definition has some interesting news for those interested in PenCott BDUs, check it out:

"SABRE® is the tactical clothing and equipment line brand from renowned German defence and law enforcement solution provider, JK Defence & Security Products GmbH. The SABRE brand offers military and law enforcement customeres a full range of operationally-proven products for all climates, environments, and duties.

Out of all the new commercial patterns on the market, JK Defence elected to offer Hyde Definition's PenCott "mission critical camouflage" to their special operations customers becuase of its superior, proven, real-world concealment performance.  PenCott is also the only non-German camouflage pattern in the SABRE portfolio.

For the past several months, JK Defence has been offering PenCott-GreenZone and PenCott-Badlands clothing and gear to German and Austrian military and law enforcement special ops units, but not to the commercial market.  However, due to the increasing popularity of and demand for the PenCott patterns, JK Defence has now decided to also offer PenCott clothing and gear on the commercial market as well.

The PenCott products will be on the SABRE website soon (, in the meantime here are some sneak peak photos of SABRE's 3rd Generation Special Forces Smock and Combat Field Shirt in PenCott-GreenZone and PenCott-Badlands.  Further details can be obtained by sending JK Defence an email at or by calling +49 (0)2152-1445-88."

And here's the rest of the eye candy:

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