Sunday, October 23, 2011

Zombie Paintball Games

It's that time of years, when the walking dead (notice lack of capitalization, don't sue me AMC) begin to meander towards paintball fields. And event organizers love it.

But those of us that have played zombie paintball games know that they're not always as fun as they would initially seem to be.

So without ado, here's my list of why zombie games don't always work:
  1. It's not fun being a zombie. Everyone wants to be the survivor fighting off wave after wave of undead, and zombies often have to do a lot more footwork than survivors.
  2. Rules incorporating hard-to-kill zombies often fall flat. Some events will stipulate that "zombies" can only be eliminated with head shots or with multiple hits, but that eventually leads to either cheating or blowouts on the field. Neither of which are conducive to a fun time. 
  3. People never know whether to dress as a zombie or survivor when heading to the field, because teams are normally decided right before play (which is more a result of poor planning/lack of pre-registration than anything).
  4. Zombies are sometimes just used as another vanilla team/group, with no special rules or handicaps.
  5. Some zombies feel content to sit back and try and pick off survivors. The last time I saw a zombie marksman was hmm... never.
All this being said, I would love for more zombie games to work out well! It's a great idea in general, and if implemented properly I'd probably love to play zombie games again.

So players, field owners and organizers, chime in! Let's make a basic zombie rules guide so zombies can be used effectively (uniquely), and in a fun manner for all those involved.

Here's one suggestion I have (let me know what you think of it): reduce the zombies' markers to a velocity of 200ish, while keeping survivors around 300ish. This would force zombies (who should have an advantage in numbers) to rely on rush tactics, as the survivors will be able to use range to their advantage. 

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