Tuesday, December 8, 2009

RAP 4 GOLF Paintball Review: Intro

UPS left me a little present today, a sample of RAP4 GOLF Paintballs from RAP4 (along with some nice promotional bonuses). I will be doing an extensive review of these paintballs over the next little while, including: performance, stress testing and safety. I have a total of one hundred of these little guys, which should be more than enough for everything.


I probably won't be able to get out and shoot these guys till at least this weekend, at which point I'll compare them to Draxxus Custom (Gold Formula). If I can I'll try and shoot them through a smooth bore barrel, a rifled barrel, and an apex equipped smooth bore barrel.

Here's a little video tidbit of me breaking one of the rounds in a ziplock bag:

Update - Dec. 8th 2009: Added a video per Fan Dam's request:

Update (Dec. 12th 2009) - Weighing some GOLF Paintballs

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