Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Siberian 5 Tournament Media

Sorry for the inconsistent updates as of late, I'm right in the middle of exam season.

Here is some media from the aforementioned Siberian 5 Tournament. All pictures and videos courtesy of Marked Paintball.

Marked's staging area.

Spy Versus Spy course.

Onion Rock Valley.

Patrick (bottom) and myself (top) during daylight.

Patrick (bottom) and myself (top) at dusk.

Easy Company (L-R: Patrick, Jordon, Dippy, Nick, Connor) - First Place

Play on Onion Rock Valley. You can see me reloading at the very start, and some good shots of Patrick around 45 seconds in.

Breakout on Spy Versus Spy.


  1. Hey it's SWAT3050 from the X7og. Can you send me some info on the shotgun in the forth picture from the top thanks.

  2. Right here: http://greyops.blogspot.com/2009/11/dukie-shotgun-dsg-review.html