Saturday, December 26, 2009

CADPAT Comparison

Shown below are three samples of CADPAT material. One item is the real deal, one is from RAP4, and one is from CPGear. But which one is which?

The three items side by side:

Still can't guess? Maybe this will help, this is a 1st gen. night vision shot of the three items under infrared light:

Please feel free to comment and guess!


  1. I've been running cadpat for just over a year now...

    The RAP4 is the shit on the left. Worst material EVER. My vest starting falling apart within weeks of purchasing.

    I would guess the middle is the CPGear and the right is the real deal.

    It's been great. It blends in very well with our green mossy environment here in the North West. But, it's expensive for us to import the good stuff down into the US when we need new stuff.


  2. Cadpat on the right. It has a special coating that helps you fool NV goggles.

  3. As of yet no one has yet to guess correctly. Although it was a bit of a trick question. Here's a hint: the standard issue CADPAT is in fact gore tex material.

  4. the stuff on the right is cadpat, the green has the funny "ripple" texture

  5. I have CADPAT (CF Issued) I know for a fact, the right is real deal.

  6. wow. really guys? he said it was gore tex, and the only type under the NVO that was different was on the left.

  7. i guess CADPAT in the middle, it does not look shitty as the one on the left and what is more i think original CF material has to mask under 1st gen NVO so it has to be the one in the middle.