Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tactical Race Gun Compensator Review

A cool add-on for the Tiberius T8, the Tactical Race Gun Compensator (TRG) from Underground Mod Shop fits on to the front of the marker with a single screw.

Accesory: Underground Mod Shop's Tactical Race Gun Compensator

Price: $70.00 US + shipping

Options: UMS is all about customization, if you want something special, just ask.

Specs: ~150 grams, black anodization, 5" picatinny rail, attaches via a single screw, aluminum.

My add-ons: None

Pros: Provides a long undermount picatinny rail for any accessories you'd like to attach. The aluminum construction and placement of the compensator adds very little felt weight to the T8. Like a muzzle brake, if you stick your marker into the dirt accidently with the TRG attached, your barrel won't get all fouled up. This thing is rock solid and really completes/fixes (depending on your view) the look of the T8.

Cons: A bit pricey. You'll need a longer barrel if you want to attach a muzzle brake/apex/dishka/fake supressor. Standard length barrel is a bit of a pain to remove once you have the TRG attached. Some holsters may have an issue accommodating the TRG.

Overall: I think the TRG gives the T8 the intimidation and cool factor it had been sorely missing. The compensator is a permanent fixture on my pistol, and the quality of TRG is beyond reproach. 


  1. does this come out for the T8.1? and where can i find this??

  2. The Underground Mod Shop is in the process of getting back up and running. In the meantime, there is someone else selling Britt's creations, but won't link to them.