Sunday, December 20, 2009

RAP4 GOLF Paintball Review: Shooting

So I finally managed to make it out to the local field to shoot some of RAP4's GOLF Paintballs using my Milsig K-Series. I went through about fifty rounds and have formulated a few impressions.

I noticed a definite change in average trajectory between normal paintballs and the GOLF rounds. I verified this by filling a Milsig magazine with an equal amount of interspersed GOLF rounds and paintball rounds. The GOLF rounds seemed to have a flatter average trajectory... when they didn't go crazy. Many of the GOLF rounds seemed to dance through the air when fired. If you've ever thrown a wiffle ball you may know what I'm talking about.

As for getting hit by the GOLF paintballs, two of the four shots broke on me, one hitting my right wrist and one hitting my left forearm. One shot that bounced hit me square in the stomache. The first shot missed. All three shots felt equivalent to getting hit by a paintball at the same temperature (-19 degrees Celsius outside at the time). The powder left a distinct mark on my jeans and sweater. While it wasn't super easy to wipe off, it came off easily using a small amount of water and didn't stain.

I thought I would never say this, but luckily I had break while I was shooting the GOLF paintballs.

This is what my magazine feed neck looked like when a round broke in the receiver:

And here's what my receiver looked like inside:

I found the fill relatively easy to clean from my receiver (have yet to clean my magazine). However, the question that came into my mind when I looked at this was, "Would firing while there was GOLF fill in your marker cause some abrasion on internal parts?"

For my next shooting test for the GOLF rounds, I hope to procure a cheap mask (if you're in Canada and would like to send me one of your old beaters, I'd love to have it), shoot some GOLF paintballs at the lense and see what happens.


  1. Hey guys,

    Good write up...

    I had never even thought about what that powder fill would do to internals of both the marker and loader if one broke. I don't think I'd like my rotor or SP1 to have to go through that. It can't be "healthy" for the gears (in the rotor) O-rings, and lube.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jbern! I hadn't thought of the issues with powder in the internals either until it actually happened :P

    And when it comes to that, you'll also have pieces of rigid wax floating around somewhere in your marker, which sounds like a recipe for ripped o-rings.

  3. Btw, love your blog, didn't realize that was you! Everyone should check out Jbern's video of him shooting some skillets with GOLF rounds: