Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weighing RAP4 GOLF Paintballs

I weighed five Draxxus custom paintballs, and five GOLF Balls, and the results are a bit surprising on one end (sorry for the low quality, didn't look at the setting until it was too late)...

If you can't see the numbers here are the results:

1st GOLF Ball weight (g): 4.20
1st Draxxus weight (g): 3.26
2nd Draxxus weight (g): 3.29
3rd Draxxus weight (g): 3.29
4th Draxxus weight (g): 3.30
5th Draxxus weight (g): 3.30
2nd GOLF Ball weight (g): 2.93
3rd GOLF Ball weight (g): 4.00
4th GOLF Ball weight (g): 3.45
5th GOLF Ball weight (g): 4.02

Average GOLF Paintball weight (g): 3.72
GOLF Paintball standard deviation (+/- g): 0.52

Average Draxxus Paintball weight (g): 3.29
Draxxus Paintball standard deviation (+/- g): 0.02


  1. looks like quality control issues on the GOLF balls.

  2. Horrible results! Maybe that's point why GOLF paintballs aren't accurate.
    Thank you, for this report dude