Saturday, February 26, 2011

G.I. Sportz Winter Balls

G.I. Milsim has finally released their G.I. Sportz Winter Balls (Ballz?) to the public. This is great news for us Canadians, stuck in freeze-your-winter-balls-off hell for 3 months or so of every year.

The good folks at PBL Paintball took the time to demo the product somewhere just South of the Arctic Circle (actually I think it's Montreal):

Even though there are editing cuts in the video, it's clear that there was no paint spatter coming from the Tippmann's muzzle at any time it was firing (meaning no barrel breaks despite the cold). I'm happy that they tested the paint using a high-pressure mechanical marker as well, instead of cheating by using something gentle like a GOG G-1 or Smart Parts SP-1 for example.

The director of Valken Sports stated last year that G.I. Milsim's owner produces the best paintballs in the industry (paraphrased, see the actual statement in the Comments Section of this post). The performance of these Winter Balls certainly seems promising, so was that all just hype or is there really something to it?

The Winter Balls are in stock and available now at PBL.

In related news, PBL now accepts PayPal for all purchases:

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