Saturday, February 19, 2011

RAP4 in 2011

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Last year I ran a bunch of interviews asking paintball companies what they had in store for 2011 and it had some good reception. I've repeated the same interview process this year and a bunch of big companies will be able to say their piece via the blog. Up for today, RAP4 - Real Action Paintball.

Q: What were some of the challenges RAP4 encountered in 2010?

A: Actually for the good part of half a decade, RAP4 has been challenged with making more new products that allow players to play Magazine Fed Paintball. Our challenge last year was to help that become more main stream.

Q: Obviously one of the most talked about milsim news items this year is the release of your conversion kits. In 2011, how well do you think the conversion kits will fare? What kind of accessories and add-ons can we look forward to for these revolutionary kits?

A:  The kits will allow more people to play Magazine Fed type of Scenario Paintball as well as making Magazine Fed markers accessible to more players.

Regarding your second part of your question, we hope to be introducing more dedicated kits to mimic popular arms. (i.e. FN, HK, Colt, Bushmaster, IMI, Steyr, etc.)

Q: What kind of effect do you think these kits will have on your T68 line-up?

A: The RAP4 T68 has its own niche in this market that will complement the movement to Magazine Fed games and its popularity.

Q: First Strike compatibility was a great addition to the aforementioned kits, what is your opinion of the First Strike rounds? Will they have a firm footing in milsim paintball of the future?

A: We feel that First Strike rounds and Mag Fed go hand in hand in the future of Milsim Paintball, but we also feel that the cost of these rounds will continue to be a hindrance to its full implementation and adoption in Milsim Paintball for most players.

Q: Many are in great anticipation of the upcoming D-Mags. Is there any additional information at this time that you'd like to release about these magazines?

A: Contrary to the belief in the consumers mind, the D-Mags will be made of premium quality materials and we believe that the D-Mags are the answer to our commitment to bring Mag Fed games to the players, so much so that we are going to retail them at a loss when the product is introduced later this year.

Q: What is RAP4 most excited for in 2011?

A: The new products this year are just the beginning to an answer to our commitment for Mag Fed Paintball.  The D-Mags and the Tacamo Mag Kits are the crowbars that open the doors to the future new products we are really excited about.

A special thanks goes out to Peter for acting as a conduit to RAP4 for this interview.

I'm sure a lot of paintball players will be excited to see kits to make their marker look like an AUG or ACR, and it's no surprise that it's not just players that think First Strike rounds need to drop in price to achieve mainstream acceptance, but the big guys too. Thoughts?

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