Friday, February 11, 2011


I've been following FEAR GEAR and their camouflage system for a while now, but wanted to wait until they had a good amount of ad copy and pictures out before I did an article on them.

Here's the ad copy:
"FEAR GEAR was founded in 2009 with the intent of developing a family of camouflage variants based on one single pattern. The concept behind the idea of a single pattern was to address a growing issue in modern combat: The last 10 years has seen a growing number of new camouflage patterns from both the military and the commercial sector making it increasingly difficult for Allied Forces to identify each other. 

A single pattern designed with unique characteristics with color palettes that have been calibrated for global operating environments provides instant identification for Allied Forces.

Unlike a lot of other modern camouflage patterns which use complex mathematical algorithms to generate textured patterns, FEAR CAMO (Fractal Enhanced Ambient Resolution Camouflage) is a hybrid of modern high texture digital concepts and more organic traditional analog designs.

Taking inspiration from time tested patterns such as the German Flecktarn, FEAR CAMO utilizes high frequency spots and blobs (enhanced fractals) to both dither the pattern at longer ranges and create macro texture at shorter ranges. The pattern is broken up by the use of larger blocks of color that serve to add depth and contrast to the pattern .

Rather than use softwear to randomly generate the pattern, each element of FEAR CAMO was built by manually manipulating each element to the optimum scale and frequency to create a much more "organic" looking pattern that reflects the ambient resolution of it's environment and achieving environmental continuity."
- Taken from FEAR's Facebook page.

An interesting approach to see the least, and I'm sure fans of Flecktarn will just eat this up. Here's a picture that got me really interested in what these guys are doing:

As Borat says, "Very nice, how much?" (Note: not all images may represent a variant that has already been developed)

The pattern shown above are not currently slated for public release from what I understand, as FEAR is looking to enter them in the U.S.'s upcoming solicited camouflage competition (specifically the three on the left). Too bad, cause I'd love to see all of them in action! To tell what variant is best for you, they also have a cool map system set up that you can see by clicking here. Always cool to see more arctic camouflage, but I don't really know what the reasoning for the inclusion of green is. I guess for evergreen foliage? These guys are someone to watch if you're keeping your eye on camouflage news and development, I know I will be.

I know I've neglected the camouflage portion of the blog for a little while now, I'll try my best over the next couple weeks to remedy that. Included in that will be another update on my testing of the A-TACS Danners, I'll talk about some obscure camouflage patterns, and take a look at some DIY camouflage options.

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