Monday, February 27, 2012

Carmatech Engineering SAR12 Platform

Here's the ad copy:

A digital demonstration that shows the capabilities of Carmatech Engineering's new product. A .68 caliber paintball, First Strike enabled precision bolt action rifle that will be introduced at the 2012 International Paintball Expo in Washington DC. This project in its current form is the culmination of over two years of engineering, design, and analysis. Patent pending technology allow for bolt action to semi auto change over, and reversible magazine design. This design also allows for future change over to other chassis systems that will be released at later dates.
Features not noted in videoMagazine feed or hopper feedTwelve (12) round magazine
Precision Rifle Specifications 20 inch barrel with Autococker threadsFree floating extended foregripFully adjustable buttstock
CQB Rifle SpecificationsCQB rifle 16 inch barrel with Autococker threadsFree floating compact foregripAdjustable buttstock with integrated air tank mounting
Accessories1) Remote line extension. (Allows for remote mounting of the asa to the 1913 Mil Rail located on the bottom of both buttstocks.)2) Extended Magazines (Increased capacity for the CQB operators)1913 Mil Rails for mounting to the foregrip3) Chassis systems
The barrel is autococker threaded, no words yet on price but needless to say, it's safe to guess "expensive".

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