Monday, November 30, 2009


Pictured above is Dukie, the creator of the DSG, with a prototype of his new creation, the DRV. A 5-shot .68 cal single action revolver, this beauty is truly one of a kind.

Pictured above are some of the cylinders that feed the marker, and you can see how the bottom plug is removed in this picture. This is because you can either attach the bottom plug to the marker, or you can also attach a spring fed tube underneath the barrel that can hold and feed up to an additional ten paintballs.

It is 12 gram powered, and has an estimated price of $ 650.00 U.S. If you're interested in this marker (and if you can afford it you should be), take a look at the DRV thread on M. Carter Brown.

Here's a picture of the marker with a Smart Parts Freak system, the so called "joker gun" set-up:

Stay tuned for more details.


  1. what hppened to the daily blogs?
    lol just kiddin i never expected you to keep it up no one can but you're doing an amazing job and i love reading these reviews on markers that no one really ets to hear of (especially ones from mcarterbrown) keep up the good work!
    it's broken future by the way

  2. Hey Broken,

    You're right, I haven't been keeping it up lol. I'm approaching exam season and have a lot of labs to hand in. Thanks for reading! Peace.