Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tippmann Ordinance

Tippmann Ordinance (no relation) is a maunfacturer of pneumatic devices for military simulation and training purposes. I was sure I had written an article on them prior to this, but clearly I didn't. They produce some very cool gadgets that I'm sure many milsim players would love to get their hands on, but appear to only supply law enforcement and military organizations, saying "All of our devices are meant for military training only, and can cause serious injury if used in a recreational setting."

Here are some of their more awesome offerings:

This bad boy launches a paper-mâché rocket containing a paint filled balloon, that bursts into a big splat when it hits a target, and is marketed as "soldier-safe". Take a look:

Your response of course being, "Awwww(wwww) yeah."

Suicide Bomber Vest

Here is is in action:

Paintballers will probably never get to see these in regular play (the politically correct battle alone would be an arduous one), but one can always dream. Many of their systems could easily be emulated with existing paintball ordinance and tech, or of course Tippmann Ordinance could just create a separate marketing package for some of these as recreational paintball equipment. But from what I've seen, you couldn't throw money at companies like this to get them to sell you something perfectly safe.

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