Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ADS Unveils Somewhat Familiar Camouflage

ADS, as partnered with Guy Cramer, has recently unveiled their new camouflage that has been entered into the camouflage improvement effort put forward by the US Army. You can read an article about it on Soldier Systems here.

Hey, remember how Guy Cramer was suing DCS, saying that A-TACS FG was essentially a duplicate of his patterns? Remember how everyone scratched their heads and wondered where exactly the similarity was?

Well, US4CES Woodland Version-A really reminds me of something, oh yeah, SURPAT. Check it out:

Meh, maybe I'm just reading too much into it, eh?

I mean, the SURPAT on the left clearly uses a slightly different shade of beige.

Whereas when you compare A-TACS FG to Ghostex Alpha, the similarities are uncanny, right?

Man, if it weren't for the shape, the colours and the general layout, these would be an exact match!

I guess all I'm saying is if the US Army picks US4CES they'll be making a bit of a blunder. Why? Well should a US-Russia conflict ever break out, you'll have SURPAT and US4CES in the same theatre. Now you've got a both girls wore the same dress to prom situation going on. That's just plain embarrassing. 

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