Saturday, February 11, 2012

Free Stuff Via Crypsis

I'm not gonna hold out on the regular blog readers and not advertise free stuff elsewhere and not here, so here's the dealy. My store (opened last summer, click here for more details) is going to give a prize package if 400 likes are achieved by Sunday, and 2 prize packages if 500 likes are achieved by the same time. Here are the details:
Alright guys (and girls), here's the challenge. Get this page to 400 likes by Sunday and I'll send off a care package to a lucky fan anywhere in the world containing Crypsis' new toy (see pic), a paracord bracelet and a JAGER patch. Sound good? Here's the link to that new toy again, Get the page to 500 likes by Sunday, and I'll send out two packages! And... go!
Again, to be clear, the page you have to like is the main Crypsis page. You can like other stuff if you so desire, but it won't win you anything! Winners will be chosen by, for those of you that are interested.

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