Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Cam from Greg Hastings

Greg Hastings, who sometimes seems like he has his hands in everything paintball related, continues to expand his personal brand with the introduction of a new paintball video camera.

He states on Facebook that it's the size of an index finger. If it can pull off decent 1080p at that size, I'm sure it will be very popular with paintball players. No word yet on different mounts, but it also includes a patented "R7 paintball mount", whatever that is.

Edit (before I'm even done the article, too lazy to go delete the text above) - It would appear this is just a rebreanding of the Replay XD, so the R7 product would appear to only be the proprietary paintball mount. That's kind of disappointing, but as a positive the original product appears to be a competitor for GoPro in termas of functionality and ease of use.

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