Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It Ain't Libel if I Don't Say Anything

Translation for images posted below their respective diagrams. The pictures are not my work.

Spin's influence on trajectory:

Extreme: Best curve reduction, best distance before curving
Competition: Overall curve reduction, overall improvement on distance before curving
Regular: Irregularities in the paintball's shape cause rotation, which causes a more or less drastic change in trajectory

Extreme (90%) - Perfect seam, perfect shell, perfect roundness.
Competition (45%) - Better seam, better roundness
Regular (20%)

Regular: A good paintball range means the ability to reach its target at a greater distance. This distance varies on the ball used.
Competition (+10%): Improved roundness, improved seam, improved surface, improved hardness
Extreme (+30%): Perfect roundness, perfect seam, perfect surface, perfect hardness, increased weight, less deformations

Extreme Paintball
Perfect roundness: Perfect roundness is essential to a good trajectory. The Extreme Paintball allows for remarkable precision, and hits the target more quickly and effectively.
Metallic shell: The Extreme paintball's technology allows it to have a metallic finish, increasing barrel break resistance, allowing you to keep firing without stopping.
Shell seam: In the manufacturing process the Extreme paintball is rolled for a long time, creating a near invisible seam. This technology prevents the paintball from deviating from its trajectory, ensuring precision and a greater range.

Paintball velocity: The trajectory and range depend mainly on the weight of the projectile. The superior quality of the Extreme paintball allows for a controlled velocity, that ensures a precise shot and better trajectory control. 
Paint colour: Obtain a dramatic look and a surprising effect because your shots will be accompanied by a realistic blood splatter colour. 
Fragmentation: This paintball was designed to rupture on impact. Having a more fragile shell, it prevents bounces eliminating enemies with the first shot. 

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