Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dukie Shotgun (DSG) Review

The Dukie Shotgun (DSG) is a custom built marker made by Dan (Dukie) from Kitchener Ontario, sold via M. Carter Brown. The marker has already been sold in one limited run (~30 markers) via the forum, and a second run's buy-in date has just ended (11 markers). With a lot of interest Dukie may do a third run, but it's looking unlikely at this point.

Okay, down to business.

Marker: DSG

Price: $700.00 US (I paid less as I didn't get a barrel or stock with it) + shipping
Includes: Marker, Mossberg 500 pistol grip from ATI, Freak Jr. 2-piece barrel, custom made barrel clamp

Options: External velocity adjuster, no anodizing

Specs: .68 caliber, 20 round capacity (with one in the chamber), Autococker threading, 12 gram powered via quick change lever (custom made by another M. Carter Brown forum member), flat black anodizing, compatible with any ATI Mossberg 500 stock/pistol grip, spring-fed tubular magazine (spring-fed .22 style, more on this later), sheridan trigger, cci main spring

My add-ons: Top folding Mossberg 500 ATI stock, Smart Parts freak system, .687 insert, one point bungee sling

Pros: Wicked milsim look, closed bolt, consistent, decent efficiency (for a 12 gram), compatibility with real Mossberg stocks, great pump action, extremely solid construction, great trigger feel, very quick to reload co2

Cons: Very slow to reload paintballs (You must slide out the inner cylinder of the mag until the feed port is open, then you must use a ten round tube or single feed the paintballs in and slide the inner cylinder back in. I would have been screwed in a few matches if I didn't have my sidearm.), trigger requires a very small pull to fire

Overall: If you're looking for a pump and are into milsim, you cannot go wrong with this marker. Excellent build quality and craftsmanship, I can see this becoming a collector's item, especially with the limited numbers being produced.


  1. Great review. I've gotten to use one of these myself, and loved the feel. Onlt thing I would ask is a slightly longer pump stroke.


  2. Awesome review. It is a great gun and so much fun to use. Just need to practice more in order to bring my reload times down. Now just waiting for the DRV.

  3. Great site! I'd like to see moar reviews and moar pics!!!!
    What is the efficiency per 12g? I have a cRAP68 shotgun, it works decently well but the capacity is about 12 rounds only and reloading is a pain as each round must be tucked in individually.

  4. Yeah, me too Tanongi. I have yet to get eliminated while reloading though lol.

    As far as efficiency goes, you have to fiddle with the main spring used a little bit to maximize its potential. But you can get through a full magazine no problem.