Saturday, November 14, 2009

Plague Pod Mod

A lot people that run limited capacity set-ups (particularly those that run 30 round tac caps) have most likely seen Allen Paintball's 30 Round Tac-Pods. Before I got my Milsig I got about six of these, and I know that Patrick still uses them. They're cheap, and you can fit a couple of them inside a standard AR-15 mag pouch.

However when you try to pour them into your hopper this happens:

As you can see, the opening on the pods is just slightly too small so the balls won't come out without some shaking, which is obviously not what you want to have to deal with on the field. As opposed to widening the entire hole, I've got a quick fix that only requires the use of a pocket knife.

Take one of the corners of the triangular opening:

And simply scallop it out like so:

Then your balls will flow freely.

Sorry for the quality of the photos, I originally posted this mod over a year ago on the X7OG and have raised my picture standards a fair amount since then.

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